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LITTLETON, MA—Staring over a month-old press release announcing the opening of a new Supercenter, senior executives at Wal-Mart said they were a little freaked out that the people of Littleton, MA app...
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like really Walmart? Can you get even dumber? Oh no one is protesting, so we'll take away benefits. You guys suck!
Get 'em, Liz! This Google+ comment on a satirical article will really hit Wal-Mart where it hurts!
this conversation. just made my day.
I love how some people.. wayyy up there ^^^... were born with corncobs shoved up their bums. Frankly, it's entertaining as hell.
I live in a small town, and of course Walmart got into here, with a little friction, but not too much. So they are here, and our store is the Walmart that Walmart forgot. Yes, even though they are a "superstore" they carry less things than any other superstore in our area. Never have enough staff on hand, and their staff have no idea what's going on. They have been hiring for about three weeks, and by the way there are few job choices in our area, but no one wants to work there because their work ethic, So there you go a great big thumbs downs for Walmart. You would think that they'd be happy that a town obviously is embracing them, but they must be and I say this with a capital D......Drama Queens!
+Liz Condiff It's a satire. As in it's not real. As in it's just a joke about how people over react to Wal-Mart setting up in their communities.
wowwwwwwwwww lol and i thought it couldn't get better.
there must have been a sale on beer or a Bruins game on TV.
Hahaha! that's Littleton for you! XD
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