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NORTHFIELD, OH—Sources at the Gregson-Turner Paper Co. confirmed that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spent the vast majority of his visit to the company's Ohio-based factory Tuesday yel...
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Matt C
... for less money and shittier benefits.
This makes me want to vote for him lol
I am not a firm believer in ruling by the iron fist, but his point is that there is a reason why we outsource jobs for manufacturing to other countries.  I would say in comparison in work ethic we are definitely not leading the world in that department.  I'm just sayin'
maybe we should keep the jobs here and outsource the executives to other countries. Its hard to have a decent work ethic when there aren't any jobs and companies squeeze their employees like oranges and throw way the peels. The executives and stockholders are like financial rapists. 
Some of y'all do know that The Onion is satire.. right? :P
I feel odd engaging in serious political discourse on an Onion post, but to imply that workers in the USA have a poor work ethic is uninformed. My sources below may be a little old, but I haven't encountered anything more recent with different conclusions:

As of 2007, the USA is the world leader in productivity per employee:

See also the depressing figures on paid leave in the USA vs the rest of the industrialized world:
That was great. Satire to be sure, but in the back of your mind isn't there a little voice saying this is very likely what Romney is all about?
+Andrew Witt Sure American workers are the most productive; the problem is that they demand a fair wage for their labor. There are plenty of people in other countries that are willing to subsist on slave wages. What’s a company supposed to do? They have to keep the shareholders happy.

Paid leave? Outsourcing will fix that little issue. Once all the jobs are gone everyone will have permanent unpaid leave.
No. In the front of my mind is that Obama is all about controlling every person in the USA with rules and regulations. About equality of everyone...but equally miserable with no "hope" of getting out of it through hard work. In the front of my mind I KNOW that Obama is about convincing those without to support him by appealing to their inner envy of others, but his plan would be to go after the little guy too once he got the bigger guys. EVERYONE under the thumb of government and reliant upon gov. approval to do, say, eat, buy, anything.
Ron Paul still hasn't dropped out....just sayin.
+Andrew Witt Your article is not addressing the point I was making, it is comparing us primarily to Europe, not Asia.  I am not saying that American's overall don't have a decent work ethic, but it is because of our greed that has pushed jobs overseas.  We will never lead the world in anything if it can be done cheaper and more efficiently somewhere else.  Our corporate tycoons want more, and when the get more, they still want more than that.  A perfect quote from Mad Men was when Don said to Dow Chemicals CEO.  " You have 51% of the market share, and you are ok with that, I won't stop till you have it all"  Corporations want to have their cake and eat it too.  I love this country for a lot of other reasons, but living in a capitalistic society, will be our downfall.  Hence the reason we spend some much on our defense budget and so little on health care and education. 
+Erik Hendershot Agreed, but you and I both know he is and always will be a longshot.  Our government doesn't want free thinkers in stirring things up, they want what the have now and will continue to have, a pawn in office that will do what the banks tell them to do.  Money is our countries prime motivation for everything, and who better to back you in office then big banks. just sayin...
Wow, Veg, you really have a long way to go before you wake up and smell the coffee. If you actually BELIEVE what 
you just posted, you live in a cave and only watch Maddow and Olberman videos. YOU ARE A JOKE...
And amazingly, Republicans are the ones fighting for YOUR RIGHTS to be stupid. Oh well.
+Veg Nik The sad thing for Mitt Romney is that his religion, is against for the most part all of those things, but who am I to judge
And as for the slave wages....the wages would be poor if they were paid here, but people have had their standards of living increased tremendously in the countries where those wages are NOT SLAVE WAGES. In fact, most of the world would LOVE to be in poverty in the USA. Cell phones, flat screen tv's plural. A car or two. A home without a dirt floor. Poor is relative. 
Alexa, I said ONLY. Because ONLY watching one view from one or two people on either side isn't informed. It is programmed...Veg is an angry bitter uninformed person. 
I am still laughing about how the republicans are fighting for our rights. Thats funny. The economy is a joke and so is the government. 
Infrastructure repair has been put off to fund welfare, foodstamp and programs that achieve virtually nothing or in fact, actually train people to stop striving and sit up and beg like a circus animal. 1 out of 3 kids are NOT hungry except between meals and schools systems are going broke spending all their money on retirement benefits for the teachers, and meals year round for kids who have parents who just dump them at school to get them out of their hair. 25 percent of our population IS NOT HOMELESS for Christs sake. WTF are you talking about?  And JOBS come from COMPANIES. Small or large. That is where jobs come from, and the jobs are where tax money comes from to fund government. If you don't spur companies to grow, and make it possible for them to compete in the USA, then you have less jobs and less tax money. The Government can NOT make jobs, because it is YOU AND I who fund the paycheck and free healthcare and lifetime pensions of every ONE of those un fireable employees. Are people that dense?
@ alexa....I agree with your spin theory on media.   And @ Anthony...Republicans (some, not all) are fighting for your rights to do what you want. To not need a permit to sell lemonade on a street corner. To not ad tax after tax after tax on everything in site to cover their reckless not have more FEES added on to a bike license or a park picnic. To let employers hire you and give you more money if you are good, but give the person who sucks the boot, or pay them less than you. Conservatives want you to be the master of your own destiny and not have the system block you at every turn, stealing a few percent here and there till you eventually give up.
Alexa, you think companies have a lot of money from not paying taxes? You live in an occupy dreamland. Where do you think all the taxes come from? The poor people? ...........only a very small few companies are huge. And take a look online at how much Apple paid in taxes, or Exxon paid in taxes last year. And look how many employees they have and figure out how much taxes they paid too. It is an urban myth that companies don't pay taxes, or rich  people don't pay taxes. They pay virtually ALL the taxes....(Now loopholes were created by politicians as a way to help companies in their states, or to help national companies with an agenda like Obamas Solar agenda...and yes, we have way too many loopholes that need to be closed up to level the playing field and not have government favoring one company or industry over another)
per wikipedia, 1 in every 200 Americans (or undocumented people) used a shelter or is unsheltered as of 2010.

not quite 1 in 4 
Im sorry but politicians are out for themselves and they dont give a damn about any of us. They don't represent me or my interests at all. The benefits that Congress gets (lets not forget whatever their lobbyists give them and the pay raises they vote for themselves) makes me want to puke. I am tired of them wasting money and time trying to legislate morality. I am tired of a system we all pay into and get nothing in return for with the exception of the fucking IRS making sure we all pay our share. Healthcare? Don't even get me started on that one. The tax codes and laws themselves are nothing more than a labyrinth populated with legal minotaurs designed to confuse us and benefit the ones that write the laws. Those series of bailouts is a slap in the face to everyone of us. I volunteer at two homeless shelters here in Dallas and I don't know what the exact statistics are but there's a lot of people (men, women, children) that have nothing...nothing. I love hearing the GOP cry about free economy and villainizing the poor as lazy. Funny how we don't see many of them down there passing out blankets and food. There are people out there that would do anything to be able to work just to spare their families from another night on the streets. I hear republicans saying that they are so much in support of the soldiers...we have a lot of veterans that the system ignores down there too. Ill be sure to tell them to have faith in the system. All of that bullshit they waste tax money on could feed and rehabilitate a lot of people that are human beings. But its more important to save corporations right? Its more important to battle for the sanctity of marriage or dish out foreign aid. 
I hope so. I really do. I cant understand how people can believe these government fairy tales...
Everything you said except one, I agree with. And a flat sales tax IS progressive. If you buy more, you pay more in taxes. 

The only thing you got wrong is your throwaway line at the end. ......than they do on education. 
For one thing....we as a nation and as states and as cities have been throwing money at education for 30 years with no improvements in education of THE KIDS. They have added DOUBLE the number of "administration"...and teachers unions have carved out sweet tenure deals in many states where teachers are not graded on performance, cant be fired, and given gold plated health care and large pensions. All without helping the "education" which is what education is supposed to do...not just make work for people to do on taxpayers dimes.
The federal government got itself involved and now the local schools have to follow federal guidelines and meet federal requirements all forcing the schools to hire people to help comply with the rules, and forcing teachers to teach the "curriculum" mandated by the federal government. Even if it is a one size fits all program that leaves many behind and illiterate and forces many kids out of public and into private schools to get an education geared around the student!
The school system is the problem. Not the teachers. VP's or Principles. The Admin, the unions, the Federal Government and the people that tinker with educations mission of TEACHING. 
Anthony...I can feel your pain man. I'm 47 and live in Ca. where the state is throwing our future into bankruptcy and doing everything possible with tax money to help small groups of citizens while ignoring the vast groups who fund the state.
And dude, I can agree that politicians are f'ing worthless. It never was supposed to be a career!!!!!! It is supposed to be service and you aren't supposed to make bank, and have your life on easy street just by working in Gov for 6-8 years...or forever as the case may be. Yes, We need to take it back...and get it off of our backs.
Being 47, I remember when you could ride in the back of a truck...or ride a motorcycle (or a tri cycle) without a helmet....or go to a beach and not pay to park. When you could paint your house the color you wanted, or change out a window on your house without a permit and a fee. Some laws are good, and I think we reached the saturation point a few years back. Now we have enough and some of them should be gone. My rant. No new laws!
Well Alexa, in Ca. the State spends 52% of its money on Education. K through UC system.
States, not federal gov. is where the money is collected and spent....So, some states will be different...but you can just google (percentage of money spent on education in _______)
Your statistical evidence on this thread is check your facts for your state.
I am tired of people suffering while the government does nothing but sit around and endlessly debate new laws that mean nothing and all of us are just sources of revenue. I wish they would put on the news what me and others see every day but they won't. The hopeless and despair are overwhelming. It really boils my fucking blood when I see how many greedy politicians and apathetic people live. It really does. I run a small art department (by my own choice) and I dont make much money. I'm still waiting for something to be done about student loans issued by the government. I have heard that promise way too many times. 
And of that 52%....80% of THAT is spent on salaries and pensions of current and former teachers and administration. Not only that, New revenue is MANDATED BY LAW to go to schools at 50% min of new revenue..  So not only can't Ca. spend more money (52 is more than half...HALF!)..but only 20% gets to the kids...books, supplies, etc....and in Ca. they have dropped most PE, charge for supplies to us parents, charge for uniforms for sports, don't go on field trips etc.  They fire the younger newer teachers while keeping the old bats on way past their days when they cared about the kids. (and the child molesters both male and female)....Pisses me off too.
Last tip for the day. Students should NOT take out student loans if they plan on going into a profession that can't let them pay back the loan. (i understand the obama economy here means EVERYONE is screwed for a while...) but in general...womens studies, art appreciation, creative writing, whatever...doesn't pay off the bills. And while on this topic...
get your god damn politicians to start complaining about the cost of tuition in STATE UNIVERSITIES...Private can charge what they want...but STATE UNIVERSITIES were NEVER INTENDED TO NEED A tuition per semester in San Diego was 350$ per semester, plus books etc.....but tuition only...350$  That today would be about 1200$ thats all.!!!!
I went to a state college and they hammered me bad. Another minotaur in the labyrinth. 
Alexa, Ca. has been screwed for a long time....but the Dot Com boom in the late 90's and the real estate boom in the 2000's covered just how screwed we were. In fact, in 1999, or old governor gave HUGE pension increases across the board because Ca. had tons of money (from the bubble .com)..and when that burst, we were stuck for infinity with the pension plans. Business taxes are fine. But remember, the more you tax them, the less they spend on their number one or  two expense...EMPLOYEES. Tax them enough, they fail, or move, or expand elsewhere (like in Ca. where they are moving out of state). The big corporations that you hate...all are public with stock. And most every American has their pension or retirement account invested in those very same businesses and NEED them to succeed to accrue money for the future. You TOO can own Exxon, Apple, BP, Phillip Morris, Ford, Catapiller, etc.....and make money when the companies make money. You are allowed to make money on them. And how much you keep is decided by the captial gains rate set by your government. If they keep too much, you stop taking the risk to invest your money and possibly lose money....and when you don't invest, and others stop investing, the companies don't have the capital to expand or grow,,,,and it is a vicious cycle that means the whole country goes backwards. There is a fine line in taxes where you kill the host organism or you live in a symbiotic relationship. Very important not to kill the host (or have him take a medicine to kill you off as government is indeed the parasite that needs the money nutrition to survive) A necessary evil. True. But symbiotic. Very important!!!
Corporations are just lots of people who work for the same company. Yet I agree with you. Corporations should NOT BE INVOLVED with Government. Politicians should NOT be able to take money from them for elections, then  turn around and give them loopholes in the law to make more money at the expense of their competitor. Corporations should NOT be making policy by buying politicians. The Solar panel companies that all went under should NEVER have gotten money from Obama. The Defense companies should NOT be able to buy a representative and then get a 100 billion dollar contract. Yes , Politicians are scum. And Corporations will not influence them if they don't alllow themselves to be influenced.
Matt C
+Alexa Antonaras Agreed. Any entity with more resources (and therefore more power) should be controlled in some way. Always!
The government is supposed to serve our will and look after the needs of its population, not to be some giant money and power whore
I agree to both of your posts. Remember, that any new "taxes, fees" are to fund the machine of government. The programs YOU think are worthwhile are NOT where that money is going to no matter what they tell you. It is only to create a larger government. Ineffective programs are NEVER abandoned and the money is always used in full. At best, they create a new program to try and do what the original program was meant to do but bigger and more worst, they grow the bad program by mistakenly believing that more money in will get better results out....but the employees have NO RESPONSIBILITY to use money wisely or to make programs work..ONLY to make them larger thus maintaining their self importance as a "necessary" function of government. Every time they get a portion of the population to rely on these programs, they create a "do not touch my agency" mandate with the people effected and most voters don't know just how much waste and ridiculous salaries and expense accounts are there are siphoning off the money ...all the time. Governments NEVER reduce size by choice...they always think there is a new or pet program they can initiate that will be just peachy keen if only the public would pony up more money. PEOPLE CAN TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES when they get to keep the money they make, and there is incentive to work.
The Government TRAINS people to stop figuring out how to solve a problem, and instead, come to Uncle Government for the answer and path forward. And at every little bump in the road, the citizen waits for the government to come and fix it. That is NOT how you teach children to problem solve. You don't rush to them everytime they fall down or cry.You DO NOT teach them to ask you for help to do every stinking little chore around the house. Or ask you 'how" to do it when they can damn well figure it out. It makes for lazy spoiled children, and it makes for lazy spoiled adults too when the Gov. tries to manage their entire life and solve all of their problems and prevent them from ever getting a boo boo. Or eating a cheeseburger or drinking a large soda or adding salt on their mashed is ridiculous. LESS GOVERNMENT, NOT MORE.
jaja, because bush the first and then the second weren't enough, romney should take care of what is still left of the usa.
jaja, because you don't know krap about the US from your media, and I don't give a krap about your country.
+Matt C , well of course everything is opinion in politics. I could show you cause and effect relationships in poor urban areas, or cause and effect of first generation immigrants vs their 3rd generation progeny. I could show you cause and effect of with children too. (trust me on this one, I have seen it very close up with my own childrens "friends" at school and their interaction with their parents") 
But you would counter with your own cause and effect examples of greed or imperialism or racism to back your opinion. I would suggest you follow the simplest path and use your own logic. 
Don't feed the animals ...signs in government parks and zoos are there to prevent the animals from becoming dependent , or to prefer the handouts vs the their natural food sources.
Second...the old saying...Give a man a fish, he will eat for one meal. TEACH a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.

You can choose whether the 'government' is able to 'solve' problems, or whether the government is tinkering with society to better one segment and hurt another.( intentionally or unintentionally.) (or to buy votes, as seen by todays new rules on illegal immigrants from the Obama whitehouse)
Matt C
+dave unvert So you're equating people with zoo animals? Conversation over.
Typical reaction of those who don't want to hear the truth. Bye +Matt C 
Um YEA Matt, ...most liberals have lotsa book learnin' but not much real life knowledge. That is why they are so pissed off.
I like grapes. And also turtles.
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