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Steve Ruigh
Let's see how many Republicans pick this up as a real news story...
are they for real...this is NASTY
In the near future women will lost their main RIGHT in the west !!!!!!!!!!! are some of the people commenting here under the impression that this is real?
I'll be sure not to vote for him.!
Ben F
Its in the sweater vests...
lolz i really hope this is a act bc this is NASTY
LMAO!!!!! Ok, this was a great pick-me-up today lol
He should stick his finger in his own marriage.
Calms to listen that you got also ignorant people in the US. Sometimes it feels that it is only a Serbian problem...
This has to be a joke? Is this an actual News station?
Gays still dont deserve rights we need to send them to canada
Leo T
Can that pic look any more fake? STUPID
Little tip, it's a story on The Onion. The story isn't real. Oh by the way +Amos Honea try using grammar and punctuation. They aren't a "choice" when writing sentences, just like being gay isn't a choice. Homophobic asshole.
@Claire Henry Thank you! Pardon my lack of knowledege. This is my first time seeing anything from the Onion! lol
Such rhetoric keeps him in the genre of political assholes...
God hates the men that have anal sex with men! He destroyed a entire culture for this disobedience! So what does that make the Creator of the universe?
Next Onion Story: Area Man Condemns Lawn for Being Too... Lawny.
But i am not gay. I won the battle!
im noy a g u y but if u wish to live her life like that so let it be 1 love
we call them faggots in TX
they gay af on da 6 we call them punks in MS
watch ur mouth on my page plz cuz im on in school
will u go out with me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
i know right how will they fucking fuck each other
Stephen L
I submit to you that people who mistake an Onion skit for news are more likely to be individuals of less than average cognitive sophistication. Also, that people who've made this mistake seem to be overwhelmingly homophobic.
johnny how old r u im 15 going on 16
David Q
don't worry rick santorum is not really an actual person
i agree men should not marry. It's not love, it's just lust. And that wont get you far.
David Q
and you know this from personal experience MICHAEL?
Psst! To everyone who doesn't already know (or to those who may be shocked and/or offended): The Onion is a satirical news outlet. This is actually very funny--because it's satirical and... hilarious!
+Brenda Cram i dont know if im talkin about you but about the video ya haaa , I do have a couple friends that are gay and I am not worried about them cause they are cool they keep their space from me but when the people push things to far is hecka nasty , like dudes dressing up as a girl and gay dudes hittin on straight dudes and dang is hecka nasty ,
Im Not Gay, but idgaf if they are ior not,
They are humas with feelings, And they are equal to us all.
If the video is fake or not, if they are gay or not , it dosent have any differences.
I fucking hate homophobic people, straight up is a type of racism. t (-.-)
It is a constant sad thing that some people think that just because they believe in "God" they have the inherent right to judge all others in some "religious" way. As if they themselves aren't going to "judged" by their "maker" one day - sure wouldn't wanna be around when Rick Santorum is on the "Judgement Carpet!" Worry about yourself while simply caring for all our fellow humans. We're all in this "Life" together - like it or not!
I think today is as good as any to officially declare grammar to be dead.
Oh well, it was a nice ride.
People should get their brains in gear,Learn about universal law,It's why we exist. We live only because of this law.
Was going to watch this video but decided to read the comments first... uh lol judging from what I read from you guys I gotta feeling I need to skip the video... Hope that doesn't make me homophobic or judgmental On the other hand some of you guys comments are funny but a bit harsh from others...
Apparently the youtube commenters have made it on to G+. Though I am loving that you children have such poor reading comprehension and brand recognition that you don't recognize an Onion article for what it is.
Bo w
Even though there has been Many Hetrosexuals that have gotten married/engaged on a spur of the moment then it may have lasted a split second then in Divorce Court they go....But the point is no matter how long it lasted it was there "Right" and we (Gay & Lesbians) want to have the right to Choose...we pay taxes just like every other American so get Real and Give us our God given Rights!!!!!
Wow, are some of these comments for real? Though I'm glad to see Google+ growing, I sometimes miss the early days when it was primarily used by smart people.
Just give them jar of vaseline they be ok
Dave RP
Grow a brain Santorum!
Wow, at least 16 new names to add to block today--how fortunate! Seriously though, I'm not at all happy to see that minors and the mentally disabled can use Google+. Google, please provide us with the means to fully moderate our own community (perhaps a Karma system with visibility thresholds).
+Mike Hendrickson I'm a Christian but half of what you said was hilarious. lol I agree with your definition of Hell. Totally true.

And yes I do believe in that "Adam and Eve crap." :/ Be nice. Not all Christians poke fun and try to shove the bible in others' throats that don't believe in Jesus.
GAY and Rich business folk would be hardest of that get not might go in the heaven as my bible and testament are TRUE if they're enough in their FAITH be strong so long time. I don't let judge them all in the world, let GOD take care of all them..
If you believe an invisible man in the sky is telling you how to live your life...... you might need an intervention.
mmmk.. so for ALL of you saying being gay is wrong/nasty/unholy.. FUCK YOU!!! im gay and proud. im a lesbian. so go ahead and eat your heart out!!!!! :)
gays aint worth a grain.d
act is inhuman and also it should not be encourage.
+Steve Ruigh and lets see how many morons think only one political party is rife with idiots.
sam readd yes what about it? straight mother fucker!!!!!
I find it funny that Ricks freaking out about this. Know say anything when two straight people get drunk and get married in vages, after only knowning one another for maybe 5 minutes. The sanctity of merriage was gone long ago my friends lol
+Dennis Andrews I'll bet those same people wear clothes made from more than one type of material though. It's so easy when you get to pick and choose.
I dont support Sanatorium , on the part that he is a Globalist just like Bush , Obama , Romney and Newt is , but i do like his anti-gay stance , we should NOT tolerate it . I stand for the true candidate who will bring America back to the people and NOT big government , Ron Paul 2k12
+Justin Mahan why should we not support gay people?
Ah, there we go! My 'laugh out loud moment of the day'. I was wondering where it was going to come from, too. Great vid, thanks for sharing, Onion!
hey amara u ve parents re they both male or female pls get a life and stop living on side lines
hey amara u ve parents re they both male or female pls get a life and stop living on side lines
If he gets the Republican bid will it mean the end of that party? pretty please?
gay ve no fucking right is inhuman,immoral.
William Gordon is right "NO HOMO NO!!!!"
paul akin do actually have a mom and a dad.. thank you..
how the hell am i living on the side lines?
being homosexual is NOT wrong. it is as right as being straight. what makes a guy like a girl?what makes a girl like a guy? chemicals in your brain when you were in the womb developing. and so its the same things for homosexuals. so fuck off all of you who think its wrong..
so develop an embryo without a sperm donor(man)
amara girl u need deliverance or should i say strong councelling
who says im going to give birth. im not going to bring another innocent soul in this world when there are so many abandoned by their parents. 
I don't have a problem with gay people as long as they don't hit on me. I have a few gay friends (not flamboyant gays mind you, two are women) and I don't view them any different than my other friends!
there is nothing wrong with being opposed to men sodomizing each other. There IS something wrong with homosexuals being allowed to adopt children. sorry gays hiv a nice day.
o sorry u re such.girl ur lust is so strong.
why is it wrong to adopt children if you are homosexual? how about this. straight peopple can no longer adopt. what would you say?
+jake kelley It also says you can sell your kids into slavery, you can't plant two types of crops in the same field, and you're not supposed to be around a woman when she's on her period. Either follow everything in the bible or don't follow any of it, you can't pick and choose what you want to believe.
u were once an innocent remember.
id say most straight people can make their own as a matter of nature. you will find that the science agrees with me on this. when you take an otherwise normal child and drag it into the homosexual subculture you are subverting that childs natural propensity to procreate with members of the opposite sex to the sexual orientation of the parents. Its not fair to the children to have their lifes rent asunder like that. Its not just my distaste for the sexual proclevities of said individuals, but also the law of nature that two same sex humans cannot reproduce. Essentially it is not fair to the child to be thrust into someone elses unnatural and immoral lifestyle.
an innocent? what the fuck is wrong with you? how am i not anymore? because oim a lesbian? you know many romans native americans and so many more empires worshipped nonheterosexual people
amara pls convince me i need reasons
+william gordon I have a question for you.
John and Jane get married, and have a child. Two years later, Jane is killed in a car accident. John continues to care for the child as a single father. Luckily, he has a very good job which allows him to provide a great life for his child. A few years down the road, John realizes that he is homosexual, and has been denying it his entire life. He starts dating, and meets Bill, and after a while, they decide to live together.

First, do you believe this increases the chances that the child will 'become' gay? How do you explain that heterosexual couples end up producing children that are homosexual, then?

Second, should any outside force interfere with how this widower raises his child? No laws are being broken, the child is not endangered. Should the government step in, and if so, for what reason?

Third, if John should be allowed to raise his biological child as he sees fit, then why should it be any different for an adoptive child? What if a couple adopts a child, and then both father and mother 'decide' they are gay? Would that be just cause to remove the child from their custody?
is this for real?? its actually really funny!!
amara am waiting o .i need reasons
I hope everyone here realizes The Onion is a comedy newspaper. Right?
The part of Slick Rick's history he doesn't want anyone knowing about especially his wife.
you know what? put yourself in my shoes. how would you feel if most people are telling you to rot in hell. people telling you your wrong. getting pushed in the hallways at school. being FIFTEEN and being told my unholy future. people telling you to change yourself just for their liking.
+V. Torch Napeñas My 'fact pattern' is perfectly relevant, because it forces William to analyze and explain his position. The core question is 'Should a gay person be allowed to be a parent'? That establishes the entire baseline of William's argument, which then means we can have legitimate discussion.
If you'd like to offer your point of view on that core question, feel free to do so. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you're trying to contribute to the discussion.
well paul? im waiting? and yeah im currently fifteen. 
paul? and may i stress the fact that i'm pretty sure there is an app. for grammar. and how not to be a jackass. just thought you might want to know.
+Amara Acheson While I think Paul is being a bit of a jerk, it's not necessary to criticize his grammar. First, it's painfully obvious to most of us that his grammar is atrocious. Second, before you criticize someone else's grammar, it's a good idea to have decent grammar yourself. Let's stick to the issue at hand and refuse to allow the waters to become muddied.
i am sorry. but that doesnt make it better for me. considering i dont believe in god nor the bible. the ultimate rules in life are not written down. they are learned and respecrted. but our society is forfetting this.
michael edwards.
i know mine is not perfect but at least you can understand it.
+Amara Acheson Oh, on a scale of 1-10, yours is at least an eight. Paul's is more like a three. But even when you're frustrated with the ignorance you face, it speaks more about your character when you stick to the discussion and facts at hand. It feels good to rip someone to shreds (I'm guilty of this myself sometimes), but it's even more satisfying to defeat them utterly with rational arguments and unassailable logic.
Check out my profile for a short article I wrote regarding gay rights (specifically gay marriage) and the illogic of the counterarguments the opponents use. feel free to use them at your leisure to completely dismantle the faulty arguments anyone uses against gay rights or gay marriage.
new fun G+ pastime:

1. post a satirical article from "the Onion" website
2. lulz @ comments from all the idiots who think it's "true"

p.s. to beat the Onion 'paywall', hit ESC key about 3 seconds after the page starts to load. this keeps java from executing the paywall screen
michael edwards.
i read your article. it is very good. and i see that i did get off subject, unfortunately. 
Rick Santorum: A Man of the Froth
He should be an office worker on the show " OFFICE"
Society has wanted nothing to do with homosexuality until in the last century even though it did happen in history. Doesn't that speak to anyone a little? it seems a bit obvious which of our private parts belong together... that said i think we should give up calling anyone gay because hey! Why don't we call everyone by their sexual preference? I believe in God and His Word has quite a bit to say about homosexuality which i agree with-it is sinful just as many other things we Christians fight with every day like something as simple as a bad attitude. God loves us all and will help us if we believe in and ask Him. If you don't believe in God, read the New Testament. ALL of it, and with an open mind, before just making rash statements like you don't believe in God. Its really been a help to me.
You know, this is exactly the reason +The Onion is successful. Look at all the controversy and attention this one little post has caused.
people. please there is nothing wrong with being gay. and if there is then me and most of my friends are going to go and burn in hell. if only the IGNORANCE of some people would go away. give me a reason, not religious or scientific, explanation to why it is wrong. humor me. 
+Amara Acheson Don't let them get you down, there are plenty of understanding people out there. The haters are just afraid because they don't understand it, and many of them are probably dealing with it themselves and afraid to admit it. Be proud that you actually have the courage and strength of character to recognize and understand who you are. That's rare in our society.
alex chidress
thank you! and i know.. it happens way too often(people not understanding it) but how do you deal with this kind of stuff at school? im a freshman and started a GSA(gay straight alliance) but i mean. i have a long way to go.. 
i <3 it...and i know...go epy noww..
+Amara Acheson Ahh yeah, I remember those days. It's not easy. In high school, they say it's sometimes best to come out to only those you trust, and maybe not to everyone just yet. It depends on your environment and your situation. But you'll come to understand who your true friends are after awhile, it just takes time.
It'll get better. You have to stay strong. You'll be ok. :)
some people feel like they are born in a different genders skin it actually not weird at all :)
According Quran, Sura An- Nisa, verse no – 19 [4:19]

Hhe believers! You don’t marry any female by force it will not be legal/hallal for you and if they didn’t do anything obscene, don’t keep your wife in detain to take back some of the amount from the dower that you gave/promise her. You live with your wife honestly. If you don’t like them, then maybe you dislike something in which Allah keep lots of beneficial for you.
Have you ever noticed that a lot of the most anti-"anything" have the same skeletons in the closet?
any gays should be able to marry anywhere in the world its not right
nothing new with that 2 faced freakled faced gurd
my god, the homophobes are taking over thi page.1 im discusted by the straight ppl who are bashing gays and im straight, so for the gays being bashed, u have my support:) l*LETS GET GAY MARRIGE LEGAL!!* rainbow:)
Are they for real bcause if they i would be like to what the heck they are doing togther i mean like i know they are gay but what i do not understand why do they choose to be togther. If i were them i would not choose to be with him. And thats the end of it. I would choose to hang around them or even talk to either of them. Thats were i put my foot down period. And if i choose to be like that . Im not saying i would be like them but i think that is plain old nasty. For them to be like that but that is there choose im not going to argue with them.
This is hysterical!!!! It really looks so pro. For a moment I thought it was serious. Well done!!!
+Dennis Andrews Haha what a miserable life you must have if you think this is hell.... And actually, it is scientifically proven that the human species descended from ONE man and ONE woman, not a bunch of monkeys. :) Look it up....
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