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Seems to be about par for the course.
I admit I laughed a bit, but this is the first time in 15 years of reading The Onion I'm wondering if doing so was entirely appropriate.
Whats sad is people thinking this is funny, And the 95 dead, just wanted free fuel.......
Over 95 killed in Nigeria tanker truck explosion - NY Daily News, Learn to check the facts! Gregor J. Rothfuss
I thought zombies didn't like fire.
Parody is one thing, but tonight 95 families have been destroyed and you people are joking about it:-(
I'm nigerian and alot of these comments are just wrong.....but then again alot of you are very ignorant 
Too soon Onion, too soon.
The new recruits at the Onion are taking a very "Perez Hilton" approach with some of these headlines. 
I guess good taste just isn't the Onion's strong suit.
nikki c
How is this funny? Those people are desperately poor and knew the dangers before going into that situation, but fuel is so precious to them that they took the chance. Shame on the writers at Onion and the editors who let this be published.
It's The Onion. Nothing is sacred.
I wonder how you people defending this story would react if the headline was about September 11? I can think of a few things in poor taste regarding that day; doubt there would be the same apathetic attitude to a disgusting headline belittling human suffering for a cheap laugh.
seriously now... who here actually didn't laugh a little bit when you heard the real story for the first time?
You've got to be kidding me. What if you were so poor, that you were willing to risk your life for a few quarts of oil. Think about that.
The Onion generally crafts headlines that are clever, make a statement, and typically have longevity. This headline is none of those things.
Those Nigerians are richer than me, I can't even afford to drive Shashank. But even if I could afford a car, I still don't think I'd be running toward a truck accident to try to steal it's fuel before it explodes in my face.
Well watta, they were not going to use it to drive their cars, they would sell it, use the money to buy food, feed their families and prevent them from starving. 
see they are richer than me Shashank... they've got families. I can't afford a family.
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