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NEW YORK—The struggling NBC network announced a new programming initiative last week that involves characters in each scripted series ending episodes by breaking the fourth wall and asking viewers poi...
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This headline is incredibly on point. Bravo the Onion, bravo.
jaja, fucking onion. the official name should actually be - the fucking onion -. jaja.
America's answer would be a weight loss/makeover reality show where hideous contestants sing for the right to argue on camera. Or The View 2.
I want to see Mortal Kombat combined with the news...Lets see Fox and MSNBC fight it out. The winner gets to take on CNN and NPR. Can you imagine MCLaughlin Group held in a steel cage? That's hot!
Hell yeah. I want to see james carville and rush limbaugh fight it out in a death match aka thunderdome. 
I want to see Sarah Palin mud wrestling with Ann Coulter - in stars and stripes bikinis, of course.
The sad thing is even if #NBC did this, it wouldn't help. You'd get random ideas that don't tend to sell, reboots that shouldn't be attempted, and more likely than not people unsure of what they'd watch. And those are just the most vocal viewers. That being said, I think they should take on this initiative.
Better yet, tell NBC what we DON'T want to see, and we're more likely to get what we want.
Maybe instead of to catch a predator how about to catch a liar.
Or maybe they could quit cancelling shows that people do watch.
Outsource it to the Chinese government. Show fails then have a mock trial with high publicity and shoot the executives. That would make a hell of a reality show.
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