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HOUSTON—President George H.W. Bush realized Tuesday it had been several years since he had seen any members of the Secret Service detail that was assigned to protect him for the rest of his life.
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Glad I read to the last sentence
[Chuckles out loud]

Evil Onion :)
Yeah, he needs to be in bars with swathes of hookers if you wants to be surrounded by secret service agents. :)
They thought he died of shame when Bush Junior was President.
A bag over the head with holes for eyes and mouth will save tax payers millions!
I thought he was dead and that was George W Bush after his crack binges,ooops
snickers (not the candy bar....rather a male giggle)
you guys are missing the point
They aren't really protecting him
Not protecting him? He's old. All he needs is a LifeAlert™,a the Clapper™, and fresh Depends™.
Holy crap Ray! You've about summed it up!
LMFAO Ray thats.....damn almost fell out of my chair.
Why are we wasting money on protecting them anyways? Really, who wants to harm the ex-presidents?
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