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"Good thing I've been working on my obscene pantomimes."

Monica Daskawisz
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Being from MA myself, I can safely say this burg will have a surplus in funds by the end of the year and not have a deficit in quite a while.
+Not My Earth (Not My Problem) It's getting so bad that fiction writers are going out of business. No matter how bizarre, anything they invent has already happened in real life.
I give this Masshole town of Middleborough a middle finger salute for this #!&*@ rule.
The only drawback I see to this plan is the cost of constructing and maintaining security around the giant cookie jar in the center of town where they put the $20 bills.
"John Spartan, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Moralities Act."
satu peraturan yang baik
What a country full of pussies we're turning into. Thanks a lot liberal hippy politically correct cunts AND conservative censorship-loving nutjobs.
I would love to see who they have determining the language to be obscene because it sure as shit is probably going to be some douchebag.
+Kevin J. Chen They should fine political ads for any lies. The country would be out of debt within 28 minutes.
We should ban political ads altogether and force everyone to look up the candidates' stances themselves.
Better start learning profanities in other languages then.
+Chad Ulrich  It would probably be an entire congressional panel, broadcast on C-SPAN (with a 7 second delay). "What about the word bitch? It can be used in different contexts, right?"
"Shut the fuck up, Franken! Nobody invited you to this thing!"
"Hey guys! Me and Joe Biden were watching the South Park movie at his apartment last night. It was just like this!"
"Read My Lips"  do not slippery slope, decay, or otherwise compromise Freedom, including the hard to take at times but so very important Freedom of Speech!
Muting people who disagree with your opinion is for teenaged boys and "little" men.
Sgt. Snorkel cusses in top row keystrokes.
fucking new englanders, if this wasn't the onion, i wouldn't fucking believe it. jaja.
+Roger Hammer (i know it's muted... i just want others to know) i'm pretty sure the "Trollololol" guy died, but in case you actually mean the dumb shit that you type, i think it's a good idea to arrest you without cause and detain you indefinitely.  it's called the bill of rights, fucker.
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