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CLEVELAND—As part of an ongoing effort to rejuvenate its public transportation system, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority announced Wednesday that it had signed a three-year, $32 million...
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Hell yeah! I'm on my way to Cleveland right now.
Omg. I would almost move to Cleveland for this, but I'll stay in SoCal and enjoy the Suavitel-scented travelers on our OCTA.
Charlize mother and her have been through Hell and back, so riding the rails may just be a day in the park..Her and her Mother..are survivors in the true sense of the word.. Charlize is the real deal.."a woman's woman's" .... Charlize works hard..not only has extreme beauty.. .. she .. became a "Monster" on the screen for us...... that we "Loved"
Oh, did her mom get a deal to ride BART or something? If so, can we work out a contract for me and MARTA?
Charlize is a well as her must know the history of their life in South Africa..God Bless them both!
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