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SAN FRANCISCO—According to industry sources, this news article is generating a veritable bonanza of highly lucrative advertising revenue by mere virtue of the fact that it mentions Apple's new iPa...
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It's like the tech site equivalent of flashing cleavage on Youtube.
Apple: "Oh hey, guys! We know know you just bought the iPad 2 that came out a couple months ago and that you had to sell your soul to buy one just like with all our other products. Today we have great news! Announcing the iPad 3, with the same look, minor upgrades, and a price tag of 2x more than what you just paid for the iPad 2! It's okay though, because we know you're all a bunch of brainwashed consumer sheep that will buy this product anyway 'cause you just want to impress your friends and feed your ego by having something they don't because you're a massive tool and will buy anything with our name on it."
+Bryan Bennett Sounds like Apple has a really good thing going then. Sounds like they're what every business wants to be.
If I could give +Bryan Bennett more than one +1, I'd be here the rest of the day clicking that button.
Jason Hsu
This G+ Post Generating Thousands of New Followers Simply By Mentioning New iPad
It's funny how the Onion can both be satire, and terrifyingly accurate.
Theres ads on there? I wouldn't notice, darn AdBlock Plus.
Give me a break....5-9 hundred $ for a few more mega stupid can peopke be really!
anyone dumping their ipad, please message me.. I offer free recycling services for all unwanted old ipads.. go on, get you a new one :)
I love Innovations and technology but please the new Ipad has a lot more features yet to be explored...lets check it out first and then, talk!
yes you are ipad you are perfect for me
Apple heards : u know a bunch of donkeys with blinders on . They'll buy this shit apple makes
this is gettin funny! xD I LOVE Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, Ieverything :) but I only have an iphone, so if any of you 'donkeys with blinders on' see the light and need help, I will personally rid you of the bane that is your ipod/ipad/iphone and 'gurantee*' that i will use all means at my disposal to ensure it never bothers you again :)
What is this Apple you speak of? Is it yellow, red, granny, bountiful?
The old google click an ad and get money thing.
Once again. Change the world.
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