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Art Garfunkle lost the rights to those songs fair and square in a double-or-nothing cockfight.
+Kevin J. Chen I didn't know you were there.  When it was all over, all I saw and Julio down by the school yard.
There's about 50 ways to leave a pun.
I don't recall that one... maybe that was one of Garfunkel's?   
I'm surprised it doesn't mention the whole Los Lobos thing.
nothing is fake, facts are just poignantly reported from contrarian viewpoints, that takes genius to pull off and appreciate. obviously way above +Jonathan Harchick .
Zak Oz
I met Paul at a party, late 80s... told him he could "call me Al"... coincidence? All of that 'lasers in the jungle' nonsense was his, though. Paul's still crazy after all these years   --Oh Wait
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