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"This is going to be a huge blow to businesses that charge people a quarter to use their toilets."

Lois Taylor
Systems Analyst
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jajajjajajaj prohiben bebidas por el azucar y no prohiben el alcohol que produce azucares y adiccion jajjajajajaj
why is  *The Onion* the most accurate news source?
I doubt if it's going to affect businesses who charge a quarter for the use of their restrooms. The ban won't affect beer. Beer is where you get patronizers for bathrooms the most. Speaking of which, I need a quarter, NOW!
+Lion Fisile - what about flavored beers?  Surely there is some sugar in there...
Maybe the Mayor should put a ban on beers with sugar and over 16 oz.
I no longer drink your milkshake.  Not worth the effort now.
ohh, i see. you know, marihuana, heroin, cocaine and all the other hard drugs are also prohibited in the states. and that does keep people from consuming them there, you know? usa isn't fucking largest global drug consumer, they do listen to their authorities. jaja, and it's so easy, want to really load on fucking soda and can't buy a 16oz? buy 2 8oz, or 3 6oz.
It isn't the 16oz they are really worried about, its the 32, 46, and 54oz (aka the "Damn!") drink sizes.
Okay, so I'll buy two drinks. Are they going to regulate that too?
what will this mean to free refills ?
+marcos gonzález , what the hell are you talking about?
you'd think this really was a joke. What the hell was Bloomberg smoking to come up with this?!
+skooter Martin , i'm implying government prohibitions don't work. be it drugs, prostitution, alcohol and in this case sugary sodas. there's ample evidence on the matter.
How the hell did he ever get elected...?
The question is, how did he get his ass re elected?! But I would have said the same thing about George Bush the junior too.
That's not his call,Let people grow up and make their on choices,Great for kids,Grown ups want to decide for themselves.
Bad idea. It costs less money to buy a 2-liter bottle of soda than it does to buy a 20oz. It's not a health choice, it's the usual "How can we maximize profits at the consumer's expense" deal again. If they insist on taking out larger than 16 oz. containers, then they need to lower the prices of what will remain. Companies are already making a near 2000% profit off of 20 oz bottles as is. It only takes 5 cents to produce and manufacture one bottle, but it's near $2 to buy. Imagine if Oil companies were like soda companies.
Knickerbockers. What a bunch of wusses. If this were 1770s Boston, the Bay'd be floating with Coke bottles by now.
,I stated people have choices,He will be out of office in about two years,If they want to drink a gallon of soda pop,shouldn't it be their choice,do you eat what you want daily,or should portion sizes be place on that to.It's bigger than bloomberg .He's tapping into funds .He want hear the last of this control manipulation.
And, bring back smoking in restaurants!  I can't believe people have forgotten Bloomberg's other traitorous intrusions on our crucial rights.

Rest assured, with 30-50% of Americans obese, either we'll start doing things to change behavior or it will be the end of general health care.  Think about what's really important before you start braying about abstract notions like right-to-eat-whatever-I-want.  Actuaries have no sense of humor.  Insurance works on statistics.  

(Spelling it out -- you can get affordable health insurance... such as it is in this country... because you are part of a big group that is generally healthy.  Soda lovers who are consuming 10 tsp of sugar in every delicious Coke need a large number of skinny, healthy people to amortize their type II diabetes, cancer, subsidized scooters, and heart problems.  When the ratios change enough, your employer isn't going to be able to afford to pay for your fat, diseased asses.  You will be crying for Obamacare so that you can drag down the whole nation, rather than just the other members of your MetLife group.)
It is about rights,don't worry about a person, if they're obese or skinny,why do you care, why are you dipping in someone elses life choices,Leave these people along,you're not their saviour,alright america dictators,is this the land of the free.Eat as much as you want,Drink as much as you want When you  was a child you act as a child ,  you are now an adult, DO WHAT  YOU WANT TO DO,the self righteous all have something negative to say.You are speaking about personal problems that are going own in your family,you said your family is fat,your family has heart disease,your family will cry out,President Obama my family needs healthcare,You said your family have every disease under the sun.Well I feel sorry for your family members , going through so many life challenges.Speak life and stay out of grown folks business,and take care of your family life,We aere born into this world as an individual,not as a group.Matt 7 chapter1 says,judge ye , ye be not judge,How can you look at a beam in your brothers eyes, and you have a log in your,set your mind free.I  pay my taxes,Eat and Drink whatever you want.
+Faye Burston good thing is this is the fucking onion, the place for real, serious debate. now, it is very observable you are oblivious to the facts and consequences of the obesity epidemics striking a lot of countries. obesity and poor health are bad for everything, for productivity, for economic growth, for health care systems, for public spending. it is dialysis, diabetes treatments, motorized shit transports, that breaks a health care system, not emergencies, not surgeries. and all those chronic illnesses are caused by poor lifestyle choices, smoking, overeating, poor diets, no exercise, stress and many more characteristics of modern life in the usa. there are experts on the matter you can read to change your mind, like paul krugman. he has a fucking column in the fucking onion, check it out. jaja.
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