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"It's the 21st century. We're just going to have to accept that most of us are probably going to die from some shithead kid crashing into us."

Jenny Silver
Systems Analyst
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Lol, you know it's +The Onion because the percentage is so low, an obvious lie.  Nice try.
Some sad stories associated with distracted drivers. There must be a way to solve this issue. Technology is great but we may be hurting ourselves here.
The solution is don't be stupid. It's the solution to most problems.
Goddamn shithead kids stay off the roads and the lawns!!
It's still safer than the 13% of U.S. Congressmen who are sending and receiving pictures of their genitals while driving.
Wait.... Why was it the CDC that did this study?
I know it's The Onion, but that scares the shit out of me too. damn kids!
"OMG I just totally ran into a guy crossing the street. He should look where he's going."
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oh, maybe jim is right, ignore me
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People who text while driving are mentally retarded. It's not their fault that they are so stupid.
I blame the air, It's full of contagions lol
We are on this right now!!
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