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"Well, that's probably less terrible than the CIA locking you up and remembering."

Elmer Naumann
Chief Inspector
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So what kind of drugs were they on? (DEA)
Wait! This is an Onion story?? This actually happened. And what's the cutie have to do with it?
+s.bradford colson ahhhhhhh serves me right for not reading the article. damn you short attention span, damn you! she's fake? awesome, where do i get one?
Yeah, they've been using the same pics forever. I happen to have one of the Onion's books, Homeland Insecurity, here at work, and that same pic is in the Opinion section on Arafat's Death from a November 2004 issue.
Yeah I think that's a woman called Heather I met at a party in Madison once :-)
Seems like there's a lot of fun happening in Madison. Cheese, Onion and Heather.
Postscript: Cheese, Onion, Heather and BEER. Par-tay....
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