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VATICAN CITY—Bringing to a close a scandal that has rocked the Roman Catholic Church and upset millions of its followers, trusted Sistine Chapel janitor Giuseppe Falduto, 78, was convicted Thursday of...
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very baaaad......
Still, as a [cafeteria] Catholic myself, this is pretty funny.
really u feel it funny maybe 4 u...
eeeew, but they were all wrinkly and stuff... LOL :D
I think the onion is pushing the envelope on this one. How can this not be regarded as close to blasphemy? Actually images of pope's being sodomized is very disturbing.
Oh, they certainly are. And it probably almost certainly is blasphemy. I gather though that they probably don't care much about that at all.
It's blasphemy to people who need a guy wearing a pointy hat to believe in this religion ;)
Those poor popes. Their farts will never make a sound.
This isn't any worse than those priests that ACTUALLY molested kids...
hey dont judge them all...
Of course not. Some blame is saved for the institution that facilitated the cover-up
Would be funnier if they hadn't just taken true articles about child molestation and replaced "child" with "pope" and "priest" with "janitor."

Well, okay, still funny that way.

And yet, more believable than if the Catholic Church had, you know, really tried to STOP it.
Blasphemy? You think they care about blasphemy? Onion comments get funnier every day.
+Shriram Venkatraman ; disturbing? havent you been inside a catholic church? they have dead guys all bloodied and tortured as te main decoration! and they love to have a roman instrument of execution around their necks; they are very disturbing people so a little bit of sodomy is not shocking to me.
VERY funny. Long time the onion didn't show something as funny. The paragraph about the polaroids was kinda "too much" but overall nice article.
I am so sorry some of the writers here are disenfranchised with the catholic church. And I feel the same way about the organization given the recent spate of child abuses. But like any organization an individual is not bigger than the org and some behave badly. A pope cannot micromanage an org as big as this. Pope John Paul II was probably one of the most progressive popes the church ever had. I can't say the same thing about St Benedictine. But I am definitely a fan of the John Paul II. He has reached out to billions in a more positive way. Atleast his name should be removed from this list in this onion article.
You don't get left out of comedy, that is the rule. It defeats the point if we have to pussy foot around certain people. If we tried to spare the religious because they have done some good, if we tried to spare world leaders because they have great power, if we spared celebs for the numbers who love them, we would have little comedy left.
I usually don't mind when the Onion jokes about Catholics, but this is over the top
That is the very best comedy, except it doesn't exactly work for an entity like the onion.
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