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CAPE CANAVERAL, FL—Hailing the dawn of a new era in long-distance highway travel, NASA officials unveiled Monday the agency’s ambitious plans to put a man on a bus to Cleveland, OH by early 2013. The ...
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Ashok N
omg !! how do they come up with such articles !!
I fail to see the scientific value of this undertaking in our current economic environment, especially when we can easily hitch a ride with Russian truckers. Not to mention that we've already been to Cleveland. The place we should really be focusing our attention on is Detroit.
Detroit is far too dangerous. Full of alien life forms and inhospitable. .
At least we're still pushing ahead of the Russians.
It will cost a billion dollars, and be delayed by ten years. Just the toilet will cost a couple of million and take five years to develop.
Tricky. The bus will either blow up or miss Cleveland by hundreds of miles. Or we will just loose contact with it.
the bus will continue on into the sun
There was a delay in the launch due to Cleveland rocking so much.
Their are reports that life may exist in Idaho. If nothing else NASA could send a drone bus to Boise one way. Mankind will be better for it!
Now that they've recently sent a space shuttle on a plane to New York, this seems like the next logical step.
Outstanding! I hope they stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There's a great David Bowie exhibit there (Major Tom).
I think it awfully audacious of the administration to commit the country to such a difficult mission.
Just leave the rest to Elan Musk ! he hired the guy's NASA let go.
Leave it to SOMEONE to blame it on the president...
Who would blame the Bushes, or anyone else for that matter, when everything is Obama's fault?
I think they need to be more ambitious. Send that man to Seattle!
Is the Enterprise on top of that Grey Dog bus?
How is it Obama's fault that you have taken a mortgage you cannot repay? How can you blame Obama that you have bought a car you cannot afford to pay off ??? c'mon get back on earth and look yourself in the mirror, what do you see?
When did this conversation become about douchebags in suits?
+Matthew L. Hart You seem bitter. Obama regrets?
Trains stop at the crossings and let me pass.
You can see my charisma from space.
I once taught a horse to read email for me.
My reputation is expanding faster than the universe.
Stay thirsty, my friends
What a brave crew of individuals. True American Heroes.
Lol, but I've put enough miles in a greyhound bus since i was a kid to get to the moon
OMG_ Life was so much more boring before The Onion. Love em, love em. I have a book with their "most famous Headlines.
...this year, we're going to Cleveland and back!
50 bucks says the bus blows up 30 seconds after "take off"
Bus will self destruct as it enters Cleveland's outer rim.
There you a few years....they will make a movie called Armagedon II the Cleveland effect out of this starring Asthon Kutcher sigh
I just hope it has sufficient power to leave Florida's gravitational pull on seniors.
“And those don’t even account for less predictable difficulties,” Bolden added. “The entire mission can suddenly be brought to a halt by the driver’s decision to pull over for a smoke.”

Anyone who has gone cross-country on a Greyhound bus can appreciate that one.
And what's the purpose of this if we already have planes?
watch out with orange barrels!
It will eventually be replaced by a smaller vehicle with less cargo capacity, and conspiracy theories re: "they 'lost' the bus blueprints to eliminate competition" will flourish. Long-distance travel will grind to a halt, and during election years, people will debate about the necessity of spending money to send people out-of-town...
I smile at least once a day thanks to The Onion...
Today Ohio tomorrow maybe the edge of the Earth..
Great! Only problem is that it will take 5 years and cost $10 Billion.
LOL. I propose we have a toddler undertake the project. Costs less and a better mind is engineering the feat.
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