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MIAMI—After straining his abdominal muscles, Miami power forward Chris Bosh will be out indefinitely in what appears to be a severe case of poetic justice for his arrogant and presumptive team, source...
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oh they in for it now
This is the last time I will view your reports of information that is irrelevant on my feed. I am removing you from my circles. You will be considered an incredulous source of information until you report on the real news.
If he wasn't being sarcastic then he doesn't know what The Onion is.....
he'll stick to getting his news from Fox, thank you very much
yes, thank you for explaining the joke and plussing your own comment.
Kobe: hey Lebron want to watch a movie?
Lebron: sure what movie?
Kobe: Lord of the Rings
\ (*`▽´)_旦~~
There's still an NBA. A NHL, too. If you can believe that! Weird.
i wish the heat were doing better
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