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WASHINGTON—A report from the U.S. Department of Transportation confirmed Thursday that at any one time, the average American city bus is occupied by at least four fully erect penises.
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If it's a bus in the Hollywood area, all of the men and at least a quarter of the women will have erections.
I feel sorry for the chump that had to ride all those buses and count all those hard-ons. That's making a living the hard way ;)
The Onion: always givin' us the hard facts!
better to have one in the bush than two in the hands
It's all that frotting during rush hour among the standing passengers, inadvertent or otherwise. If they broke down the figures to reflect the results for seated passengers, the incidence would probably be less. Depending on who they were sitting next to, of course. Bumping over potholes when you're seated isn't quite so efficacious.
Oh think they actually paid some poor schmuck to not only ACTIVELY LOOK, but then...count them ~stifles giggles~
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