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I, for one, have gotten tired of Walt and Jesse sitting around talking about their feelings.
I know the show feels like a half rate two and a half men rip off at this point.
The episode where Walt and Jesse discussed 50 SHADES OF GREY at their book club was so bad. I had to turn it off.
Skyler finally realizes that they need more money and secretly becomes a Meth cook using Walt's notes on chemistry.
Phil Wu
that would just ruin the show.  i vote for a claymation episode. and a muppet episode.
I could do without ever seeing or hearing Skyler again. Make it happen Mr. Gilligan.
I bet the last scene of the last episode will have a doctor telling Walter White, "Yeah, our bad. We misdiagnosed you. You never had lung cancer."
Actually not far from the truth. Vince Gilligan's been saying that next season's going to be "rough" and how they're not going to hold anything back.
Jesse will kill Walt. That will be the end of the show.
Phil Wu
+Edward Sung i think he said "ruff", as in they're getting puppies..
+Phil Wu Prediction: final episode ends with Walt, Skyler, Walt Jr., Holly, Hank and Marie all sitting around a TV eating popcorn and watching the Puppy Bowl.
I recon a spaceship should land and the rest of the Malcolm in the Middle cast should appear through the smoke and take Walt home.
The last episode will have Malcolm taking over the family business. The spinoff will be titled: "Malcolm in the Middle (of a Meth War.)"
From Heisenberg to Kid Charlemagne.
It's about time. I was getting sick of how tame the series was.
I think the only person that may live is crazy purple Marie.
I don't know about Marie...she was looking pretty yellow in that last scene.
So no musical finale? I was looking forward to Gale coming back to sing "I will always love you" to Walt...
Hope to see this season on Netflix in 2015
"Mr. White, yo, why we gotta' be disolvin' this motorcycle kid in acid?" The show would be much better without that fucking laugh track.
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