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BRIMLEY, MI—Local couple Matt and Wendy Ratliff told reporters Tuesday that they have been steadily building up a nest egg of debt to make sure that they always had something tucked away to owe banks ...
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Awesome! We've been building our nest egg of debt too. You can never have too much.
Look at their teeth..they aren't real, this image is a bad cgi.
That's just proper planning.
The free market will correct itself. Capitalism needs no regulation...Ah the myths of the GOP.
A market can only benefit the society it functions in if the society imposes some regulation on that market. If the regulation isn't from government, it must come from the people.

Accept regulation, or accept the risk that the customers you've ripped off, lied to, and sickened will burn your business to the ground. Pick.
Finally progressive thinking. Now I know I am not alone. We are the true believers!
finally proof I'm doing things right. I go one step further and always keep my credit cards maxed out in case they get stolen. That way the thief can't use them for anything
Thank you onion, for such a STUPID STORY...

So you think The Onion does news, then?
Why the fuck do the Ratliffs have to be in debt??
Lol I knt believe any of you think the onion does real newz
i know the onion is FAKE, I just can't stand them always putting up pure BULLSHIT. Fake news is cool if it SOUNDS REAL..
example: Obama is a U.S. citizen, COMPLETE BULLSHIT.. but media spins the fuckout of it, I want to see the genuine Birth Certificate.. I know the One he said he saw was just a FAX, orat least completely made up..
they can at least show the source if it is real..
This post sums up a lot of couples in America
john, im willing to bet you don't let things go that you don't have any control over. move on, life is too short. to be honest, i don't give a shit if he is mars, he was a better choice than bush.2 mccain.
Keith, thank you for PROVING your a Obama FUCKHEAD.. McCain served for our country, damn near died for US.. Obama didn't do SHIT.
Thank you Michael !!! Obama HAS FUCKED US OVER.. so did Pelosi.. right after they took over, the nat'l debt skyrocketed.. Bush didn't do shit.. yes he had wars going on, but daily spending didn't go up until ms. cocaine addict was in charge..
hey +Barrie Tingle have fun in your fantasy world of all Onion articles being based on fact. Just because one of them has a ring of truth while being a complete fabrication doesn't support your proclimation. Yes, many americans are ammasing debt. How does that mean Onion articles are factual? ROFL
So they've stopped teaching the definition of "satire" where you two grew up?
Interesting how a satirical article has brought out so much passion in comments ;-)
+mark nassal Been noticing it quite a bit, actually. Even satire is being used as political football bait. I thought the comment trolls stuck to news sites, but apparently not.
JoPa Mi
+John Bergstrom well you clearly are as retarded as you look.

Explain facts away, bush had the highest increase in spending next to Reagan. Obama has a 60 year low. Also Obama is a cocaine addict based on what? It is Bush who was the one that wash proven to have done and been caught with cocaine.

Fox News really has you ignorant rednecks believing any misinformation they spit out, simply so you can be their puppets for the biggest corporations and the richest so they can keep paying less than the rest of us.
JoPa Mi
+mark nassal I don't think that many realize that this is fake news. Lol
Michael, so, im assuming you mean more tax breaks to millionaires who don't share money or success would be helpful? Spending more and more overseas when we can't afford our own groceries? investing more in an already over extended military. No healthcare or solution for the lack of healthcare. Allowing the uninsured medical patients to rack of up 2 billion a year on tax payer's dime. Pushing more jobs overseas. Idk, name any of the shit bush did then multiply it by another 4 years.
+John Bergstrom no one fucked us over. The global state of the economy fucked the whole planet over. period. If anyone is to blame it would be bush for delivering a relentless war on terrorism (like he said) and the capitalist model the planet is waging on, which is only the path to never ending inflation, overpricing and eventually economic degradation (which we are experiencing right the fuck now).

Question for you to ponder on a little bit before blaming anyone else: How much can the economy grow?
I'm starting a new policy, if anyone even smells like they may be a birther, they go on the block list. I have sympathy for people with mental disorders, but I need to filter them from my G+ stream.
I like how they type this so seriously :D
Look up "Satire" and get back to us.
It appears there are those who don't understand "The Onion". I guess that's not as bad as all those people last month who just realized the Titanic was real.
I'm not sure how I ever got along without the Onion. <3
I like the onion stories. I love the dumb asses arguing in the comments. Its almost as good as fox news comments sections.
I'm cryin' thanks to the Onion!
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