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The shame must be unbearable... I do not know what to do if that happened to me..
In related news update, local man was run over by grandma's wheelchair after he was released from the ER.
Gun control should only be using both hands LOL!!
Indeed, when a man is not allowed to run around with a BFG9000 in head height, aiming at peoples head, then you know democracy has failed.
I live where people give guns for gifts to newborns, so this was funny to me...."Don't let 'em use it till he's 3!"
I find myself conflicted on this. I am a liberal democrat and a proud supporter of ASPCA, but I also own a shotgun, for Sporting Clays (I don't hunt, don't kill any animals besides insects, but I can blast the living shit out of some little orange discs and I love it.)

My view has always been that handguns and shotguns, which have both recreational and defensive purposes, should be legal (but probably require that the OPERATOR be at least 16 unless under immediate threat of death) but anything capable of putting more than 30 rounds a minute 300 yards down range with extreme accuracy should never be in civilian hands. Sorry, but there just isn't any legitimate recreational reason to own a .308 sniper rifle or an AR-17 assault rifle. If you need a 30-round clip to kill your defenseless deer, the problem isn't your lacking firearm, it's your own sorry ass lacking skill. If you really must hunt, get a fucking bow and arrow and quit drinking Budweiser so you can sneak up on the poor thing, you talentless idiot.

But that's just me. Either way, shotguns and handguns. There really is no need for more than that.
+Austin M has never heard of +The Onion before, hilarious that this story got a serious response with that headline.
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