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MINNEAPOLIS—In an unsettling attempt to increase brand visibility and broaden its demographic appeal, the General Mills corporation unveiled a new backstory for its iconic Honey Nut Cheerios bee chara...
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Seriously? What does a Honey Bee need with a Back Story? WHO are they trying to reach?
I'm glad corporations have finally realized that their cartoon characters are more than 2-dimensional mascots designed to hawk products. What sort of terrible unspoken trauma could have occurred so many years ago to make Sonny cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? Perhaps now we will understand, and with the understanding will come healing.
Why does the bee need a new back story? Is he going to run for office, but had too many skeletons in his closet?
You guys understand that it's a parody, right? The Onion is satire.
Eventually I will believe that the Onion is all parodoxical but for now...
So he, is OBVIOUSLY an English teacher of some sort, no-one else could make up a story like that :yaoming:
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