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Now that I'll be living in Texas and working in California, I've already found myself having to explicitly set the timezone for my Google Calendar events. An extra step, but I know that if I don't do it every time I'm so going to mess it up. #firstWorldProblems

I just realized why I was having trouble finding all my friends. My GAFYD account is my main account, so whenever I add people to my contact list, they go there. This finds friends based on my Gmail account. Solution: Need to sync my contact lists. Luckily, Google lets me export my contacts easily, Takeout or no.

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In case your friends that you invited aren't able to get in:
What I learnt in my hangout with Vic :
If the invites you have received don't work, it is because they are trying to control how the field trial expands. They want a dense network, so they favor new users that would know more people on Google+ already. If you seem to be an edge user, who will feel lonely just after joining and will have to wait for more friends to come in, then you will most likely have to wait a bit.
Your invite remains valid; it might just not work for now.

I remember years ago when I first got on Facebook. Zero of my friends were there. There was almost nothing to do on there other then talk to myself. But I invited a few of my friends that were on MySpace. Each one asked me what the point was, why they would do MySpace and Facebook, when all of their friends were already on MySpace. I didn't have a good answer to that other then the fact that so many MySpace pages were truly ugly. Facebook just seemed like a grown up MySpace to me.

As friends started getting on Facebook, it became clear that it was a much better way of interacting then MySpace was. But as my Facebook friend list has grown, I find myself censoring what I post there. If find myself asking whether a post is appropriate to post now that my parents, in laws, grandparents, coworkers, and neighbor's kids are on Facebook. I can't have frank discussions about adult topics because of the kids, I can't brag about job interviews because of coworkers, and I'm less likely to talk about parties because of the grandparents.

Circles solve all of that for me, if (and these is a big ifs):
* All of my Facebook friends join.
* I actually take the time to organize my friends, coworkers, etc.

Getting all of my Facebook friends, or at least a critical mass, should be relatively easy once we can invite people. But I was a huge Wave fan, but frequently didn't have anyone to talk with there. Most of my non-nerd friends just didn't get it. Google+ is much simpler to understand than Wave.

Organizing my friends isn't something that I'm particularly worried about for myself, since I tend to be a little OCD about that. But I am very annoyed that I can't import my Gmail groups, since I've already basically organized everyone I know into little silos: hockey friends, Googlers, current coworkers, Texas Friends, Virginia Friends, etc. I have to completely redo the work that I've already done. I imagine that I'm in a small minority of Google+ users that have their Gmail contacts so carefully organized.

One thing that seems to be missing with circles is circling up circles. For example, if I have a circle for Texas Friends and one for California Friends, I should be able to have both of those circles in a bigger circle of Friends.

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I sure hope Google+ will let us use our Google Apps For Your Domain accounts. As much as I like my Gmail account, it's no longer who I am as an online individual. Instead of, I'd really like to be, but have to continue using my ancient account for features like Buzz and Google+.

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Today's like Google Christmas. I got Google+ and the people widget in my Gmail the same day? Hell yeah!

Now if I could just get an advanced account on [redacted] I'd be in Nerdvana!
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