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For the full month of May, StatCounter says that Chrome took 32.43% of the worldwide market compared to IE at 32.12% and Firefox on 25.55%.
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does this stat also include Chromium and other such browsers? or just Google Chrome?
R Baker
so why dont more institutions support it? isnt it time to say that IE is officially "so last year"?
+Stephen Allen that's what i am saying.. there are other browsers available which are based on WebKit just like chrome.. i wonder what is the basis of their stats, is it just the browser or the web engine? .. if the WebKit is the base of the stats then it means that Google Chrome (web browser) is still not the most popular webbrowser out there !...
+Mahboob Alam The different Webkit browser do have different user agent strings. Even Chromium has a different user agent compared to Chrome.
My son told me to try Chrome. I resisted at first because I liked Firefox,but Chrome works so much better!
I have been a chrome user since the moment I could get my hands on it and I love it.
kt cool
I've totally forgotten IE.
Chrome is good but Fire Fox light & fast.
When comes to extensions & games like Angry Birds chrome wins(Fire Fox is not too far behind in extensions).
But Fire Fox is the best & open they don't spy on you.
I live inside of Chrome.  Love it!  It makes accessing all of my Google apps so much easier!
will it go one more step ahead if +Google Chrome adds to +Android previous versions (Gingerbread ver 2.3+) and packs itself as default browser for Jelly Bean
I used to use Firefox, for its ability/availability of add-on features. Chrome has hundreds of its own now, and since I'm already addicted to Google products, Chrome was a simple choice. Its also a better browser experience (IMHO). 
I love Firefox, but i switched to Chrome due to it's integration with Google services and because of some add-ons like the evernote clipper.
The easiest to use product always wins
IE sucks! I think people only continue to use IE because it comes pre-loaded on Windows. 
I think it's funny that IE9 wont run on Windows XP.   Fail.
+Bob Chauvin Exactly!  Why would you create a program that one run on one of your most widely used platforms?  It makes no sense.
I actually like IE 9 but I also use Firefox , Chrome and Chromium
Firefox got stagnant for a moment, but have picked up since Chrome took them over. Check out FF beta
Long live better, faster, more secure web browsers using the latest web standards!
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