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Windows 10 will automatically lock your PC anytime you walk away from it
Microsoft wants you to be extra secure so it is building a new feature for Windows 10 that will lock your PC anytime you walk away from it.
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from a home user aspect, this is not something I would ever be interested in. my computers all lock when Screensaver turns on. no need to change that. I don't even have a web cam on my desktop computer. on my laptops the Web cams are all disabled. for a work computer Auto locking would be incredibly annoying. especially if it locked if I just turned in my chair, or turned my head. Microsoft should concentrate on fixing windows rather than adding new features that most people would not ever use. 
Note that a screensaver with password protection does the same thing without giving telemetry from your webcam to MS...why am I thinking of the 360 camera thing again...?
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