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Hong Kong student behind Steve Jobs-Apple logo tribute lands Coca Cola ad project
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As with all the best designs, the beauty lies in its simplicity.
it seems really good peace of artistic intelligence
Reminds me of Coke's legendary campaign from the 70's. I'd like to buy the world a Coke? He's just captured that campaign in one image.
I would advise against diluting of botching up famous established brand logos. Once they are established in people´s minds the true value of the image for the company can be very substantial. Companies need to remember to honor that. At that point the effects/consequences of editing them is beyond what can be predicted. Just because they get away with it in China does not mean this would fare well elsewhere. On the other hand the recent teaming up with the Spotify music service is a brilliant move. Get away from all the notion that Coke is dangerous for your weight and shape. While you play and enjoy music you forget about all that and in that musical ecstasy a few bottles/cans of Coke will easily slip down.
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