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We will be covering the bill’s next steps extremely closely
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can't believe this passed much less with such a big majority. Guess the lobbyists did their work very well.
Obama will be waiting patiently to veto that abomination so we can all move on.
the people in power are supporting it to stay in power... same reason most things are passed.
Er Vin
Templars, illuminati
oh well. we didn't like the internet that much anyway, did we?
James H
Yeah...I hate the internet. It's dumb. Goodbye internet and good riddance.
And +Chris Sanchez Obama doesn't know better. He's trying to get reelected too, y'know.
Ever been to the airport, Jann? They're called "Behavior Detection Officers" and they're about as effective as putting a witch underwater.
This sucks. I have to watch this carefully. Something has to be done with all of these attempts at our "God given" freedoms!
I do believe in a system of manipulation existing within our government and way of life. In the end I believe that had there been no system all people of different nations would come together. It is the media that is a key element in spreading the original "word of mouth."
Just remember, Obama threatened to veto the National Defense Authorization Act too....and then signed it. With one stroke of a pen he took away more of your rights than you know. I have zero faith in him doing the right thing now.
Lol nice spanish. Tv is trash. We are fed garbage through a box to visually consume. I would rather get on the net or get my head in a book.
But agreed friend. I have also broken that chain.
LOL let's take the words "reality tv" which really has absolutely nothing to do with reality and most are scripted fully.
Two lesbians walk into a bar. I forget how the rest goes, your mothers a whore.
At this point, Obama's pledges to veto mean absolutely nothing, people. Remember he said he'd veto NDAA and "reluctantly" signed it.
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