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Yeah, sry, but for the win. It has so much better offers.
Have a account with my free 50GB but the one thing that annoys me is the lack of a native app giving me desktop access to my files. 50GB is great though.
+Jacob Jacobs It's not about the FB integration. Dropbox always sucked. The prices are ridiculous.
+Rachel Lam Try mounting it as webdav (Imo better than a native app, since the free account doesn't allow you to download full folders while using it with webdav does)
yeah that's who I want to have access to my Dropbox... Facebook.. no thanks
You only share it with who you want... it's not like you open it to * get a grip - people need to really get a reality check and stop jumping on the "oooh the internet says facebook is bad so it must be" bandwagon. sheeple.
+Mark Thomas Not giving access to a company because you don't trust what they will do with that access is perfectly sensible. Doesn't make people sheeple it makes them informed and careful.
+Rachel Lam Try Gladinet Desktop. I use that as the Interface for Box. It is password protected, which is a feature Dropbox sadly lacks. 
What I can't find specific info on is: Does FB now automatically have access to my Dropbox or do I have to link it somehow like the way you authorize third party apps to access your google or twitter accounts?
+Michael Dubnik I'm pretty certain you have to link it, it would be unheard of to automatically link separate accounts with separate passwords just because they shared the same email address as a login.
Thanks +Brett Bell but I use a Mac and Gladinet is only available for Windows.
Is anybody concerned about privacy issues on this type of deals? we know (or at least we've agreed to) FB privacy settings and also to terms of dropbox but how we know what those two are sharing with each other without us knowing about it? Same goes for Spotify?

Now I think about it Spotify and DropBox have more or less a same business model. They use the massive nr of users of FB while FB sits back and (I guess) earns through some type of royalty.
If you are concerned with privacy you probably don't use Dropbox.
+Veer Bawa Well I mean in general. Obviously it couldn't link to my specific account but I don't trust FB with data I don't intend on sharing period. Just curious how much access they have as is.
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