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Thanks to a new Chrome extension, you can now save your Google+ posts as drafts as well as schedule them to post at the day and time of your choosing.
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Do you think they spelled psyce wrong or do you think thats just some sucky clock company?
.... wow ... that is kinda funny if your not serious eddie..
For Facebook and Twitter and a few others, there's already an app that does this called Buffer.
I was sharing posts with.myself to save them .. :s
For an IT guy who also has to do most of the social media this is cool, but I'd like it on Hootsuite. People ask for specials, bands, etc info so I schedule that stuff. Then I and others interact with questions and such. An api an app like hootsuite can use would be helpful. Not for spam but for info people already ask for. And since we don't spam it down peoples throats (maybe don't post enough since there is a window of what some people see, depending on when they read feed and if they scroll back) it's a win win.
so you can appear to be at your desk? and yet be elsewhere.
+michael crosby haha. No, we're not that big. It's a bar and restaurant, so I'm either troubleshooting network issues (my printer won't print), helping run wires or exchanging micros, messing with Keno, taking pictures, helping a/v dept, making tv, web, or boat commercials, or messing with website.

A normal IT job, afaik.
Oh, or messing with hotel or offsite owner issues like his boat shop (that's fairly rare though).
This is fantastic. Have been using +Google Docs spreadsheet to copy and paste personal and client bookmarks. This one should make it even better
Its going to kill the real life, "real time" beauty of the social network. Bad job come the bots!!!
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