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Great news! I hope this kicks off in Australia properly soon!
I think Foursquare is a great application too about searching our location.
+Erik Bates I started with +foursquare Then almost immediately went to SCVNGR. Had a lot more fun with that. Now I've deleted both and stuck with Latitude. They added a point system which is cool. I'd rather share with G+ people than people on foursquare or SCVNGR.
It's fun at first, but once the second or third newbie steals your bus-stop mayorship it seems a little petty to get worked up about it...
That's got to be worth at least 800mil from Facebook right?
I don't think Google+ need it with Latitude and Google+ Checkins.
Facebook had a mobile app with excellent photo sharing. It's about buying up the competitors.
Only assuming you will get more out of the competitor than the other side though. The FB photo sharing was nothing compared to Instagram and even Google+ Photos. It was also a defensive purchase by FB.
And I think that a Google purchase of Foursquare would keep it out of the hands of Facebook.
I try Foursquare for some time, is really not that interesting, google maps, latitude is the same and will get better with time, I don´t recomend foursquare...peace
I just noticed... The Next Web has 577,708 pluses and 566,461 people on Google+ following you, so why are you favoring Facebook Fan Page on your website with the "Like" box being your main portal when there are only 80,800 following you there. That's a difference of nearly 500,000 people! Doesn't make sense.
+Celtaur Theron We are promoting all our social media accounts throughout TNW site, Google+ included. We try to grow our presence on all platforms and we are thankful for the engagement of each community!
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