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How an iPad is made: a look inside Apple’s Foxconn factory
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how many of them really own an apple product ?
If 500 people waiting for a job outside, guess what happens if the one having already a job, gets ill, wants vacation time...
on the other hand, this only reminds me of the clone wars... weird
I wonder how much iPad would cost it they were build in US?
strangely, it seems that all the reports or interviews about foxconn are made by media outside of China.or maybe i just did not pay enough attention to the ones inside. just maybe.
Cool. Would have been even more interesting if there was some lone American kid in the line-up for a job. "Isn't this the line for the next iPad?"
I wander how the owners feel about the gadget. Modern? Prestigeous? No, thank you, I don't own or plan to own one.
Yang Ge
Most of Foxconn's(富士康) workers is come from little vilige.they are young and healthy.They want to live in city ,even work so hard.Because the diffrence of city and country in china is too large.
Knowing that Foxconn employess commit suicide due to awful work environments and missing payment, I cant seem to think that this video was purely made as a publicity stunt (either by Apple or Foxconn) to hide the bad stories.
can any one add me or tell me about ad sense plz
that is bad. they dont pay their employees.
Whats surprising is it must be cheaper to employee these workers than design and build a fully automated line.
Take a look to them faces... are they happy??
Seems like a PR video from Apple after the recent backlash.
It's a job. You're not supposed to be happy. They are glad they just have a job!
They are very hard work people and so nice factory and nice this
Apple is worst that microsoft to the society, only represents the capitalist sistem...
It's funny that even though Foxconn seems to offer some of the best working conditions in China, people still criticize it. Doesn't it occur to anyone that the problem here is the lack of conditions in China as a whole and not Foxconn in particular? Foxconn is actually above average when it comes to labor conditions.
+Christian Kohek an iPad manufactured in the US would be more expensive, not because of the labour costs but because Shenzen is basically one huge factory and they have ALL the ressources in one place. All the components for the iPad get manufactured right there. That allows Apple to keep the prices down and have efficient production processes.
This has disadvantages too... your stuck with inefficient subdivisions in your facility. Its difficult to take competitive bids for outside suppliers when your capital is tied up in with your own internal suppliers. US car companies used to make all the misc. parts in huge assembly plants. Japanese manufacturers found it more nimble to have outside specialized suppliers do the smaller stuff.
+John Prescott be careful when talking about Nazi stuff. Coming from Austria, where a lot of the Nazi terror took place, I can tell you it's wrong to compare that to anything. Also, communism per se (!) never existed. What you mean is Stalinism or Leninism. China is a socialist country, which is different from Communism, again.
OMG £10 a day,
and people ask me why I do not like apple or own any of their products....
Hi John,
Nice to know you and your view. keep it up
+Ariel Erhardt
Capitalism simple means the Individual is motivated to do things with the lure of higher rewards in terms of money/power/etc. The path used by the individual (for e.g. cost cutting by a. reducing worker rights etc.) to achieve such rewards may be harmful or useful for the society in general, but the path has nothing to do with Capitalism.
cheap ass apple! $14 a day we should protest apple we need jobs over here! i IDIOTS
Apple is giving 250000 people jobs. I bet their children and grand children will hate capitalism soon just like American people!
foxconn made my two crappy burned out x boxes
What's there to hate? the beauty of capitalism is anyone can become somebody. If you hate capitalism, then what do you propose is better?
This is a job for robots, not people. Humans are meant to express their creativity. No wonder there's so much suicide at these factories.
Foxconn is one hell of a guy. if you hate capitalism you suck
no dude. capitalism is good. but pay the people who work for you. They are the ones who make the boss' idea materialize.
+Leigh Kennedy you are talking about crony capilalism, right! Only 1% takes all money at the expense of 99%. That is what anyone can become somebody. you don't get 99% people's mind?
I guess Foxconn's CEO and Apple executives are billionaires. American people are losing jobs. Chinese are slaves.
Chinese people were born to be slaves im just waiting for myself to be a multi billionaire then im defunately getting myself a chinese slave hahaha how cool is that?
Good luck bettering yourself when this plant is your only option to feed your family. Bet you won't be going to college when you have to work at this place 12 hours a day.
would you date a woman who is older than you even by months.......
Then, billionaire chinese's children are sent to Stanford for better education, and make another slave factory at home. American kids get predatory student loan, and go bankrupt. That is what capitalism is all about
The average age of workers is between 18 and 25... impressive
Many of you need to realize that if you are on the internet you are using Foxconn products. It is not just Apple that uses Foxconn I just purchased a ASUS motherboard guess who made it Foxconn? I work in the IT field and every HP motherboard I replace is made by Foxconn, as is the intel boards in my off brand computers. The motherboard in your fancy smartphone I bet you $500 it carries the Foxconn name. Chinese culture is different from Our (Being American) you people do know that many Foxconn workers are pissed now because of all your incessant whining they now don't get as much overtime. They wanted the over time they wanted to work. I know it is hard for the OWS Generation to understand what HARD WORK is and that some people pride themselves on working hard and providing for their family. It must not be too bad at Foxconn plants or else people wouldn't be lining up 500 deep to work there. Everyone I seen looked healthy and they didn't look like they were beaten.
Those workers put in like 70-80 hours a week. The conditions are suppose to be altered by Apple, but it has been the word for some time already. Will apple be a company that demands better work conditions, etc. for its foreign labor? They have the chance to be a role model by stepping up to the plate for foreign labor.
Marc Cu
These people WANT to work 70-80 hours a week. They need to work because their government will not bail them out by giving out freebies. If they want to progress and send their kids to top tier schools, they need to work. The world isnt like the US where almost everything is about working as little as one can ( nicely termed as work-life balance) and getting freebies. The amount of handouts the US and European counties give is ridiculous... house rebate, care rebate, solar rebate, years of unemployment which pay higher than a normal salary, crazy pensions for government workers, etc etc... no wonder all of them are swimming in debt.

At the end of the day, these freebies are not sustainable. The americans were once in the position of these chinese workers... working crazy hours, bad conditions etc... thats why the country is in the position it is in now. Without the hard work and perseverance of the past generations, the US wouldn't have reached the top.

Just my 2 cents - I've studied, worked and lived on both sides of the fence ( Philippines and US )
+Brett Young, while they are young - they are good. Once they reach 30-40, they will be like Americans or Europeans in their 60, and they will be thrown away. But you don't try to look so far, right? Of course, it is sufficient to see that now they are healthy, so everything is all right.
Robots should work like this, not people - but of course, people are cheaper (in China at least), so it won't happen soon.
Sigh...let's all blame capitalism for the working conditions in China. If you don't want to support it, then don't buy an Ipad. Or whatever else Foxconn makes. Or, for that matter, whatever is made in China. I wonder what those Chinese workers will do to earn a living then?
look, almost all the workers are under 25. Doesn't anyone think that 30 year olds want these jobs too? This is age discrimination to the extreme. They want athletes not workers. Women are preferred because they take more abuse without organizing and complaining. What if you go to you next job interview and they turn you down because you are over 25 years old?
+Marc Cu calling social security "freebies" makes me wanna see you live on the street. WTF.....
+Marc Cu - do they really want or they have no choice and are forced to? Would you really want to work 80 hours/week? I doubt so. But you will want to do this if this is the only option to survive. 10-15, or maximum 20 years of such hard work (if you survive, of course) - and you will lost most of your health, and your only hope would be that your children (if you get them by this time) will support you. Circle closed - you work for the "future", then your children take over and repeat your life. But - is this life or existence?
They can play with I-stuff for 25-hours a day, then why can't they work for 80 hours a week on I-stuff?
Chinese work overtime because wage is too small at first place! Foxconn and Apple CEO are billionaires for saving labor cost!!! Don't you get it?! lol
They left out the part where they are forced to live in dormitories on factory grounds. And the nets around the dorms to catch all the suicide jumpers.

They've also been known to lock employees in to deter theft, and distribute meth amphetamines at the end of each month in order to keep employees working so they can make their quota.
stop confusing free market capitalism with government sponsored corporatism. People are not barrels of oil or tons of steel.
To the question of how much would an iPad cost if the working conditions were better?:
Exactly as much as western markets would bear. Which is about $500-$1000. In other words, they are already charging as much as they can get out of them. The profits are going to the owners of the company and the more they can save on labor costs the more of that money they keep for themselves. So these slaver conditions are intentionally inhumane.

The idea that people at work are supposed to be unhappy is preposterous. You will spend more of your lifetime at your job then any other thing you do. Who wants another human being to spend most of their lives unhappy?
lol foxconn - this cracks me up. This is the company that would not give a raise to employees so the employees went to the roof and threw themselves off. China is such a friggin' joke!
Foxconn does the same manufacturing for: (Kindle), Cisco, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft (Xbox), Motorola Mobility , Nintendo (Wii), Nokia, Samsung Electronics (Galaxy), Sony (PlayStation), Toshiba, and Vizio.
+Shinji Tanaka labour costs are just a tiny fraction of the price (same is true in western countries afaik)! They already doubled the wages - several times. 
but in Asia in 3rd world countries owners do not pay much more as compared to workers working.
I don't understand how people think that this is a good work option to chineses...The next step is to think that we are making a great favor to then buying iCrap stuff...¬¬...Apple is not a NGO.
Marc Cu
+Martin Schmidler social security isn't a freebie, but people are getting too much out of it ( and the government benefits ). If people are getting what they put in through taxes and social security, why are some governments in so much debt?
I don't see why it's always Apple that gets the blame for the suicides at Foxconn. The suicide rating throughout China in general is also higher than the suicide rate at Foxconn by the way.

Anyhow, Foxconn and Apple have agreed to pay workers at Foxconn more, and reduce labour hours.
The Chinese economy is booming; that's until the rest of the developed world stop buying their imported products. Ask yourself,will you go without your gadgets and reduce your consumerism. That is assuming that you can afford to buy these things in the first place.
Wonder if they get properly and have regulated working hours.
glue and clips and maybe a few screws...... made to be hard or even impossible to fix well maybe not impossible
Many japanese companies are bribing chinese government officials so that they don't enforce regulation at all!!
Wow. 500 people lining up to look for employment at the Foxconn factory. Yet this is the same place western media is chastising for lack of workers' rights?
you hear the part that new workers make 14 bucks per DAY, thats why they can afford 10 people to do the work of 1. they still use SUN-TZU methods
+Emmanuel Chenze I am not saying one way or the other for the workers rights, but people lining up to work there doesn't mean a think if the alternatives are worse.
there's a small spelling mistake at the end of the movie, it says American Public Media instead of American Public Ridiculouspropaganda
Workers get 14$ a day...How much did you pay for your iPad ?
No kidding, Shinji! We know that we don't know, but what, exactly, do we not know?!
Steve Jobs is dead already. Apple is only supported by Goldman Sacks. Japanese companies are bribing chinese government officials any way they want!!
WoW, look at all these jobs that could be in America! Glad apple is so broke, that they need this foreign crap.
It seems to me that they are getting looked after. Considering Foxconn is apparently the best factory to work at, then I am quite sure the factories for other products really aren't that different. What people don't realise is that Apple aren't the only ones who have chinese factories building their products.
Working for the nicest slave owner is still slavery.
so sophisticated !! damn !! great to own one of these plants :P
Thank you very much for lots of people circling me. :-)
+Shinji Tanaka Actually, I do get 99% of people's thinking processes. The reason most are poor is due to excuses... "I can't afford anything, I am poor and always will be." "I can never be rich, Most of the money is owned by the ones who are already rich."

You see, people should quit thinking "I can't afford it" and start thinking of how they can. Becoming wealthy starts with your mindset. Do you think Richard Branson got rich by being average? No, he did not. He stopped making excuses and went for it. I assure you that even Bill Gates didn't become rich by allowing himself to be restricted by excuses like "I can't afford it".

So, yes you are obviously not rich. What are you going to do about it? What is stopping you?
Seems to me if you are free to leave and go back to your home that is not slavery. Look to the government in charge for the repressed wages. Seems like Apple while paying wages acceptable for the region is supplying a decent place to work. I don't agree with the wages but again look to the controlling government.
No one is forcing Apple to build its devices in China. They are doing so because labor is cheap there. Even if you blame the Chinese government for wages and conditions, Apple is still complicit by choosing to do business there.
I do not believe that Apple is engaging in illegal practices in China and that they are doing their best to ensure that everything they do is above board.
What do you expect an economy to do that has to sustain half the worlds population? China made a concerted effort to become industrialized in order to help sustain itself, and this is the result. At this point, it's up to the chinese people themselves to take care of their own. the western world has no right to dictate policy in a foreign country, especially when most westerners cannot even begin to fathom what it means to have such a massive population to support.
It becomes a matter of logistics and certain things most westerners take for granted become true privileges - just ask some of the people out there right now who are fighting for jobs in a down economy, and are competing for entry level jobs with people who have bachelor's and masters degrees, just to flip burgers or be someones secretary.
On top of that, as is depicted here, most of the workers are under the age of 30. So what happens when 2 billion people pass into the retirement bracket, and are practically incapable of supporting themselves because of age related health problems and whatnot? We haven't even begun to see the truth of what China is dealing with.
I do feel that companies, especially foreign ones, are capitalizing on the situation there to make absurd profits. However, in what way is this different than what the oil companies have been doing for years? They keep making record profits year after year, simply because they know we need what they have, and no one is willing to stop using oil.
30 minutes later both workers committed suicide
Romney always say "America we all love." This is not kind of America we all love, right?! Asians are all corrupting each other. America is the last hope. We got to change this!!
+Hasan Ahmad You are forgetting HP, Dell and many many others. This video is about the Ipad product line - hence my reference to Apple. It's mainly bad stories from that part of the production facility we hear about - not about any of the others.
the workers was in bad work environment and get the wage which not good enough to them.One of my classmate had worked in there.
14 dollars a day and after a couple of years, their salary doubles. So much for BBBIIIIIILLLIIIIIIIOOONNN dollar companies...
Most of the complainers here are from the 1st world and don't understand that people from 3rd world and developing countries would do anything to have a job and support their families. The workers there are getting $14 a day which is good if you compare that to what workers are getting in my country. Here in the Philippines, the minimum wage is around $10 a day.
I wish that a company like apple with the huge markup on these items could do some good in the world and give them 10-12+ an hour! Could you imagine the difference that would make for them? and why not?
yes we know guys apple isnt the only one. does that make this right? Why should someone sell a product made in such a way. if this was western workers there would be uproar. This is about 10% increase in costs to manufacture. taking all of it into account. 10% vs western workers. bankrupting countries and creating slaves for 10%.
u would think that at a store that makes iPads should pay the workers a little bit more don't u think?
Working conditions at Foxconn are much better that those our grandparents had in the past and not much worse that those our grandchildren will have in the future.
David O
bull! this is the soft side of how you see things done.
The bad side is that a worker does the same sh* 24/7 that causes RSI and makes the worker unable to work and useless.

Other bad things such as constant straining hours, young workers from 12yrs can work from 8hrs to 16hrs, doing about 112hrs a week!
Unless one of you (+David O & +Dave Putnam) actually goes there to see it and experience it, you can't say that Foxconn's working conditions are good or bad. The best you can do is speculate.
Apple supports what is essentially slave labor, when you buy an Apple product you do too. With the cheap labor Apple could sell their product for even less, but you know they won't because people keep buying it at these ridiculously high prices. The real problem is that hardly anything is manufactured in this country, so we have no choice except to buy from China, mostly. 'Til a conundrum, not easily solved until companies are willing to give jobs to people in the U.S. Workers everywhere deserve a living wage and decent working conditions. There are a few companies in this country who care about that: Google, Zappo...we need more companies like this here in this country.
They are busy people, they Do their work exactly and much cheaper, than it would be possible in US or Germany! Otherwise we could'nt buy such a product, because it will be horrible expensive! What's going on with you all, they are no slaves! The life in Asia, China is absolutely different to our life in US or Europe! And a lot of our workers are really LAZY! In Germany the people can live too easy, the Governement pay also for stupid and lazy young people,which Don't have an idea and a thinking, what they can Do and what they want to Do. Because life is too easy, they are Not creative! I become angry and mad about this young stupid lifes! I'm sorry,that I've to tell something likes this, but I also shame about it!
Very cool! People who work their must get paid alot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you retarded? or did you not watch the video, they only get paid 14$ a day and MABY after 2 years they might get they're pay doubled.
Oh come on... Many of the workers are used to this and actually like it. They complain about hour cuts, and enjoy working with electronics. Please read news coverage of Apple's efforts to improve conditions and the reactions of the workers to these changes.
Dylan g
$14/day is not much in the US or Europe, but perhaps in China it's significant. Also they seem to be treated well with nice amenities... I'm just sayin
Capitalism can be a really awesome thing...
I dont know how to feel about this one side of me is saying you see is not as bad as the media made it seem except for the $14 a day but its not as bad, but the other side of me is saying what if this is just a video to cover up how the company actually works so the scandals can stop and they can get away with it. All i gotta say is i really hope they are treated as employees/people and not slaves.
I own 4 of them and it is about the coolest thingvi ever owned. It is better than the Android and I own one of them. You can tape your own TVs shows off Dish network and play them back to all your I pods and I pads and iPhones without any problems.. 
You have all been i-conned. They waste hours of your life doing totally boring stuff. Try walking, climbing or cycling.
hmmmm... you think that abuse is is justified with 'It is the coolest thing I've ever owned'? Yes, I spelled that right for you...
How did this get out? The Party isn't gonna' "like" this...
Apple has the best quality tech products on the market today.. Some of you may not like them, but you must admit the quality.
Junín esta bonito mi gente es muy trabajadora 
People work hard at their own wish... n also many would die to work at such a factory/company. They r working hard n we r provided wid the new improvised technologies......
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