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What about health concerns? Having batteries and transmitters so close to the skull is probably not an awesome idea right? Especially with long-term use. Obviously my concerns are not thoroughly vented through or tested. But....
Not concerned at all. The ad/deal tracking you talked about does exist and it can be useful or annoying, depends on use.
The likely hood of doing full eye tracking isn't very likely since there is no camera facing you - just what you see. So more likely is the ability to detect and understand the visual - which could lead to better research in helping those with visual problems understand the world around them.
All technology can lead to both good and bad outcomes - its up to us as people to decide where it can go. Pushing the boundary of the possible should not be discussed in terms of "are you worried" or "will it be the end of humanity?" These just bring out public outcry against something that was never truly understood. Rather it is feared for being different.
Com'on guys... What in the earth would be the difference from nowadays? Iphone, Gglass, Smartphone Tablet and whatever, we are now in a new era, the one where who wants to find us, needs just few simple taps :)

PS can you please give us also the Glasses? I'm looking forward to be Geeky now 8-)
How about a pair of lovers tenderly gazing at each others ' eyes ? (With google glasses on, I mean )
Their love would reflect ad infinitum through a googleesque strange loop ...
Of course it does, but so do smartphones. However, I agree that every new technology seems to limit privacy even more.
Can't wait to get me a pair of this cool tech.
The article is all about your privacy, and what you don't want to see. I think the big issue will be about others who aren't going to be buying into Google Glass.

Parents will be worried about people taking photos of their kids. Companies will be worried about competitors coming in from the streets and filming their store. Cinema's... etc.

The privacy issues are huge, and the wearers is the one that will not be the main focus.
_They could see, for example, what kind of cars, even what kind of girls you like, and advertise to you accordingly_ 

What kind of cars and girls I like? Oh nooooooooooo! Oh wait. I'm a straight adult female non-driver. I guess I'm safe then. 

Lame. Fucking lame.
Also, TNW, do you think you could get a spell checker? At least for the sub-headlines?
I have seen ink pens with video cameras in them. I've seen hundreds of companies contact me via an email address I have never shared. Anyone who is concerned with digital privacy these days may need to revise their worldsense.
In many countries it is still a legal requirement for digital cameras to make a "click" sound when taking a picture, which is why many smartphones have such a sound that not only plays at the loudest volume, but also can't be disabled. It won't be any different with this.
"In New York City, that mother**** is going to get hit by a car." - Jon Stewart.
Who cares about people that already wear tin foil hats for a living lol I for one can't wait to own a pair and I know living in NYC I'm going to see a ton of people using them on a daily basis
I will guarantee you that so many people will be falling over and crashing in the streets because of a pop up.
Has anyone else noticed her hectically messy knotted hair at the back ? :p Would have thought they would have combed the models hair first before.... :p
Nope. I trust Google the most with my personal data. And, they're not getting anything new that my Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 or chrome book hasn't already gave them =P
Nope. Technology isn't some scary monster like so many main stream media companies want us to think
Technology isn't scary, it is the people who end up using it that are!
A lot of fuss over nothing. At least until the product hits the shelves! Besides, Google actually has sensible privacy settings..> considering the state of privacy these days <.
You are a bunch of fear propagators like FOX news. 
I want them. People are going to love these things.
Umpires and referees could potentially change sporting event outcomes and improve accuracy. The possibilities are endless. As far as privacy, considering recent history, would you rather google have this tech...or zuckerberg?
YouTube already have face blurring options built in for uploads - I'm sure they'll be able to use something like that for those who are worried about their faces being captured
At the early agrees of a new type of transportation machines called 'Train', doctors said the human body wasn't 'designed' to move that fast and definitely advised pregnant women NOT to travel by train.
Jacob G
I love it! In city life this would be key!
When these glasses are released into the wild, I expect a bump in the number of sunglasses sold that fit OVER regular glasses.  The cops are going to be requiring everyone near them to remove their sunglasses when they want to see if anyone is recording them.  Let's see them defend that action in court (in places where it is not illegal to record them).
Am I concerned? No. My Garmin already has discrete pop up ads when I pass by certain stores, restaurants, and hotels.
I am a little skeptical as to who will be paying for the streaming video. Do you think mobile carriers will change data caps to accommodate this? Not unless they get something in return.
On the other hand, if you plan to store video and pictures locally, you will run out of space in no time. 
Anyone concerned about the ability to take pictures without anyone knowing. Today you can see someone pointing  a camera or phone at you. With the glasses your just looking as you would any other time and a picture can be taken. 
While there us a line to be drawn with privacy I don't feel I'm so important that people will waste their time snooping on me.
Unlike Facebook, who bolted the gate after the horse had gone, Google have already aligned their privacy strategy with the future in mind.

Glass, I'm sure will have the same privacy control my Nexus does; disable location, disable instant upload, clear history, data liberation, etc.
No concern here, cos I won't use it anyway.
J. Orr
Nope...none here.
If batteries and electronics close to the skull is detrimental, shouldn't we find legions of hearing aid users with negative outcomes from their use??
I am somewhat concerned. I have a vision like 1984, but instead to have drones and microphones everywhere, you have them in glasses on people or later on, perhaps even implanted. I think that's definitively something we should think about. 
On the other hand, for me, it seems to be an interesting and useful tech gadget if the price will get reasonable once.
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