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The new Bing is live for anyone to use. You can test it out here:
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I love it, it's awesome!

That web page doesn't exist.

Let's see if we can help you find what you are looking for.
I think I might Google it to find out more.
Joe Pas
Wow! My friends on Facebook are so insightful, witty, and clever! I can't wait to see their fascinating and thought-provoking opinions in my sidebar! Too bad I don't use Bing.
Soooo they just look more like Google now? I miss the prior aesthetics of Bing.......
Still looks the same to me, not that I really care anyway. Can't stand Bing. Hate the name for one!
OMG! It opens a ton of new tabs just browsing and taking the tour. It is not another social network, but just integrates social in the search. It also lets you share with friends.
Well, looks the dumb thing is going to make us manually search the whole gad damn Internet :)
Clouds r white but the sky is blue,monkey like u should be kept in the zoo, don't get angry ull find me there too, not in the cage but laughing at u. ha! Ha
I simply have interest in using Bing at all.
Cette page Web n'existe pas.? C'est Le Message que Bing Me Dit
And why is Bing even here? It has no use whatsoever!! That is what I like about Opera is I never see Bing anywhere.
Here in Philippines: "That web page doesn't exist."
what is bing lol ? rockmelt is a web browser for all social net and leisure #JustSaying poor dont work in unix
It says "The page does not exist"!
Give it up Bing. No-one uses you.
Yes, they always come up with the best ideas first and make them perfect before releasing them on the public.
Bing says that "That web page doesn't exist." Clicked right now
Ms. Copycat, MSFT
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Joe G
Just curious how many people care? I dont use bing
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