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Happy 28th Birthday Mark Zuckerberg!
We got you a hoodie, where should we send it?
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He has shared nothing on his G+ page...
I guess he doesn't have to pay for this status update to be delivered to all his followers ...
Mark, You Look So R Funny! Happy B Day and more kisseeessssss.......... and Big (( HUGS )) !!!
Happy Bday Mark - you don't look a day over 16! That's awesome. :D
Happy 28th Birthday Mark Zuckerberg! I got you a privacy agreement, where should I shove it?
You can send the hoodie to Wall St. Apparently they LOVE them there!
Google+ needs a -1 button for all Facebook news.
He already got one send it to me :)
I just wished that he did not give the CIA all your info. "Prove your an American, Born here, the CIA and any goverment should not have our info". not that amount. He is being paid to get all this info. He is the all American Trader. No I'm not a hater, just know if you have a facebook your being watched. Good luck to all of you. When they come looking for you, just remember I Told You So.... Remember the Jews were told about Hitler, they did not think it would happen, then over 6,000,000 people were killed with no reason except, they are here, there for kill them. God bless you all.
He's 28! I'm 32!! I should be ashamed of myself :(
Judge him by his heart, Mr. Haider, he made Facebook!
A Taurus, should have guessed! Money makes the world go around, the word go around, the world go around!It makes the world go round-round!
happy birthday ....:)
oh herro who is this?
Felicidades! you are in your best years of your life. HAPPY B. D.
omg no one cares if it was like his 30 then we would care cauz all im getting is about his birthday srry zach but tell us when your 30 plz then ill be happy to say happy birthday
Happy birthday...!!! Master...!!!!
just make sure theres no Zimmerman Type around u.
Happy Birthday. I a Nice birthday
What is with all of the bad language? This isn't facebook.
I'm sure he is a nice guy. So Happy Birthday Mark. I have a son named Mark. He just does not sell all my info th the CIA. FBI and local law inforcement. But God bless Mark and all his future
ANYBODY...EVERYBODY! Someone please explain why the animosity towards this dude? He's Facebook owner, yes? Why is he despised, seemingly? I have never used Facebook. I don't understand.
you are agoley and stiupid. and i also don't want you to post any thing else on my google+ understand.
Dude, G+ will take over soon . Hurry up and have fun , fb won't last long . You will be though in the "History channel " :)
+Vineet Semwal you mean, since he is successful people are mean to him for it? Mob mentality? Everyone ganging up on him just because of what others say? Is this what you mean? Why the comments about he sells their information?
He's no genius. There are other "social network" sites, which were doing "it" long before him.
Well +Vineet Semwal I never stated you said Facekoob was the first social network. I said there have been social networks on the internet long before Zuckerberg and crew came along. Please read comments.
uuuuuuuuuuu jajajajaj si q se pàr3ze muxo a mi jajajaj
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