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And Skydrive would eventually burn them both
I'd use it, the Dropbox Android app is crap and awkward to upload/download items with. Presumably the Android integration potential here is fantastic.
Looking forward to this. What's the speculation that the 20GB extra I pay for will be included in this?
Good news but 5GB is a bit underwhelming. As long as the integration is good though, I look forward to using it.
No linux client ? hummm
I think the potential benefit of Google Drive would be the integration between the services in Google platform!
+Aaron Meck Probably, my guess is they would keep the same pricing structure which would put it as a no-brainer next to +Dropbox .
+Daniel Cook That would be nice as Google's pricing is really low, It hink I paid like $5 for 20gb?
I think they will maintain google docs pricing, because is more an add-on to gdocs upload feature.
5GB? Google can do better. Gmail gave us 1GB when it first came out, while everyone else was giving out 20-100MB.
Nice cloud storage for Android - a start, hopefully better than Google Docs. Like storing zip files, etc. Now if we could only get FTP for Chromebooks - oh, wait, maybe this is...
there are so many services out there... some of them seem pretty good (such as sugarsync). The thing is, my shared work files are on dropbox, and I don't believe me and my colleagues will switch to something else.
i need google drive now.. so it will be super easy and fast to send data from my galaxy nexus to my PC
Payments must be forever! I mean that i don't have to pay every month for my cloud space. At least i would buy my space for a life lets say! Waiting to see what's coming from google!
No linux client? A gentle fuck you to Google! :)
+Peterson Silva I think is funny how they don't even use Windows at Google and they even have their own private distro but Linux support for most of the services is crap
I'm getting 15GB for free on dropbox right now, they have great linux support, why no linux support Google Drive, why? I guess I'll have to really wait next week to try it out for myself. Been waiting for this for so long and now that its almost here, I'm afraid its going to be another Google flop.
Maybe they'll release a linux client later... What I know for sure is that I'm not using it with wine
Hopefully they allow us to pay for cheap extra storage like it's now for docs and gmail
I don't use any of these services at the moment (well, I use Google Docs, but you know what I mean.) I'd be more likely to try GDrive than dropbox, purely because my life is Google (GMail, GDocs, G+, Android) but the one downer for me is that all my PCs are Linux. Screwed.
Same here, but I don't think I would really use it, I have 5Gb on Ubuntu one but rarely use it
Ubuntu One crashed the first time I tried to use it. Didn't bother trying again.
hahahaha a lot of things crash at first, specially on the open source world, but after a while they tend to get better, the first time I tried Ubuntu I fucked my PC and had to format the HD and lose everything... A few years later it works awesomely!
hmm maybe this will come out after Linux Kernel 3.4 so us Linux users will have full Android app support
This will be an another step for Google Integration. I hope they will do the same function as the previous Google Drive created before. :-)
They won't leave out linux since Chrome os is Linux based and it would be kinda strange if they left out Chrome OS integration. And since Chrome os is open source, porting it to any Linux distro should be "a no brainer"
Cant wait... Now, if Google could aquire Reddit...
Linux? a web browser service or not?, like Google docs...
Im guessing it will have nearly the same functionality as dropbox which is a web app with an api accessible through their applications
I'll add Google Drive to my collection. I'll still only use SpiderOak for sync and backup of sensitive files, but 5GB from Google Drive will make a nice addition to the 3.2GB I have from Dropbox for sync and backup of files I don't really care about.
Its not David vs. Goliath. Dropbox is hosted by Amazon. This is between two HEAVYWEIGHTS
+Tyler mellor Box = Fail.....50GB but then you have to pay to get past the max file size of 100mb hahahahaha what a joke, not to mention the 10GB bandwidth cap....I work in the video industry where we share HD videos that can be upwards of 2gb to 3gb for us, so even Box's $15/user/month doesn't help us as that is a 2GB file limit size lol
Love dropbox but let's see what google can bring.
I think they will and must match Skydrive's 25 GB. Why bother if they can't do match that?
+Lyndon Bredenkamp Personally, I think they'll pull it off. Who needs 25GB of cloud storage? Jeez, my entire 3 year university portfolio is less than 4GB, and I still have 1 year to go! The only time I can see 25GB of cloud storage being feasible is if you're uploading huge amounts of music/video to the cloud...
If Google connect the services with it yes, he can! (Google + to share files, Google Chrome extensions to save data for syncing, etc ...)
@techcrunch @BradMcCarty @TNW are misinformed.
Google will not launch with 5G only.

No one looks at dropbox as 2G but as 16G.
Sugarsync starts free at 8G
BOX starts free at 50G.

But... most importantly -
Apple icloud starts at 5G and Microsoft Skydrive starts at 25G.

My info is that Google will raise on apple and call on Microsoft with 25G.

Now we'll see who's connected better to Larry :P
I would prefer to have 50 Gb - would be easy to work or save documents online
No it can't. Dropbox works like a charm. It works like you'd expect it would. And it never even crashed once on my various machines. But Google Drive did. It never finishes synchronizing files and fucking crashes. Seriously Google, what the fuck happened to you.
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