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If they work as promised they might very well kill the smartphone.
more like an iPad moment, because they need to create a market for a new type of product and convince people that they need it. The iPhone was a radical improvement of something that everyone was already familiar with.
yea, like you said "this WAS huge" nowadays it's only expensive but never as revolutionary as it used to be; a rip-off, something for ppl with low self-esteem, a cheap merc or very cheap villa in monaco ... iPhone is mainly (not only though!) used by iVictims ;-p
yes,it looks like the next revolutionary device.
might be great if you already need glasses, but I don´t... I have good eyes, and I don´t feel like wearing glasses...
No, I don't think so. I think having tech up in your field of vision like that will prove too intrusive, and adoption will be limited to a handful of weirdos. Tech within your wristwatch, however, now there's a good place to put it! #pebblewatch
I don't think so either, it's definitely a cool product but at the same time its quite geeky. It won't have the initial mainstream appeal as the iPhone did.
Certainly revolutionary, but that is the problem. The iPhone innovated off the back of others and was mostly 'evolutionary'. The core product was already well understood and widely adopted, and Apple added features and content.
Google has a much harder job to get adoption of a device that sits on your face and is completely untested by the general populace. It is intriguing, but I don't expect widespread adoption akin to the iPhone.
I also don't see this being Google's main focus. Apple threw all its effort behind the iPhone for a while.
No. I don't believe this will have the same revolutionary impact as the original iPhone. First of all let's remind ourselves what it is... What is it? Did you pause and wonder and strained a bit even trying to work out what it is. It's meant to be a smart device with a heads up display. What do you do with it? Calls, maps, messages - not likely to have apps - and how do you interact with it? Voice input. Let's try to remind ourselves again why that's a bad idea. Voice is frustratingly inaccurate - look at the best in class at the moment. Siri still gets it wrong because sometimes our speech distorts when we're tired, lazy or drunk. While that is ok for other humans to interpret computers just think we're being idiots and doesn't understand. The same can be said with google voice in current android implementation which arguably still a bit behind Siri. Unless you 'sit up straight' and perfect the timing of your diction and voice during that brief window when you're allowed to send instruction to a device it's going to be... Well frustrating to use.

Now let's go back to iPhone original's launch. It was simple and you know what it does. It did what all the current smartphones were doing at the time and just made it simpler and so much better.

Unfortunately project glass is all new and will rely on voice input that's still not polished at its current form. Yes this might be revolutionary but it's launching too many seemingly 'beta' features that it might only attract the earliest of adopters.

Perhaps project glass version 2 will have better success?

What do you think +James Wood and +EJ Bergara?
Don't worry boy. It WILL be a oooh damn moment! considering its Google :)
PS: Reading Your post, I have a feeling You have practically no idea about Augmented Reality. Heads up. Its Not Voice Input(only) :P
There is definitely a use for this kind of device. I can think of many professional use cases where you need two free hands but still need access to information on request; warehouse personnel, surgeons and other medical staff and more. An augmented reality that's not intrusive is the great part of this innovation; earlier attempts have been too heavy and too impractical.
I'm looking forward to using this Glass.
I have very little info. On what "glass" realy is or does...?
It will be game changing product for Google similar to what iPod and iPhone did to Apple.

The smartphone may reduce in size where it will be mostly invisible and it's only purpose will be that of processing unit.

This form of device is next step of blurring the lines between digital and real world where digital will start playing important role around us.

With time our perception of privacy is also changing if you look back in time 6 years ago people made big issue whenever they wanted to share their emails or pictures fast forward now they are openly sharing they private lives on social network. I am sure google will provide options to manage privacy.

The exciting thing about this is that eventually it may be integrated with Kinect style gesture controls as well as 24 hr recording of our lives stored in google servers with auto tagging of places we went, people we met and status all fused together and searchable in future for reference.

If they make the actual glasses with lenses, shades or prescription then I think it will be huge. Imagine being able to see a first person perspective of your favorite baseball player taking bp or golfer taking a shot receiver catching a TD pass. It will have it's drawbacks of course but the benefits will far outweigh those. In this day of sharing and social networking I can see it becoming a real life Truman show but with millions sharing their lives instead of just one
+Scott McQuade That's a very insightful comment, Scott, and one that is often forgotten. Apple never really creates a product category from scratch. Instead, it focuses on creating the best possible experience within a product category.

My fear for Glass is that it will create a category but, because it's pushing the technology a long way, have an experience that falls well short of what people expect. Think of the Newton and how it's less-than-perfect handwriting recognition killed the image of the product and basically put people off the whole concept of HWR. 
Someone above said, "'s quite geeky," about Google glasses. Before the iPhone, only buisness professionals and geeks wanted SmartPhones. It depends on what the product delivers. Leisure pursuits sell consumer products. If WinCE or Palm had realized this soon enough and not just focused on professionals, the SmartPhone market might be different today. Jobs knew how to build devices that appeal to consumers. Google does OK, but has a strong techie emphasis.
It can be but only if Google releases a full quality product that works flawlessly. A beta version will not work. Also +Google need to make sure that non Star Trek fans will buy it. Aka make it look like normal glasses or sunglasses. 
Cycling version with different scratch proof filters (for cycling and normal usage) and I'm sold... twice []^_^] ... err I mean []@_@]
Still trying to buy our privacy. Looks good on the promo but they would control almost everything we do, see and hear. Terrifying thought and this is not a conspiracy theory. 
I'm not very impressed by the demo in the video. But I love the concept. I wonder about the TODO list and how it connects to your phone, which I'm assuming it does.
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