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According to an announcement from Google today, the company will start exploring ways to expand the domain space.
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I would imagine they would try to get .plus or something.
I'd like to see us move away from those silly web address names and work on top-level searches to find what we want...
Does anyone really cares about domain names? With google chrome finding every page you want as soon as you type 3 letters,I sure don't
I agree +Nils De Clerck. Now it's just an industry to scare a few extra bucks out of neurotic brand managers ("No-one must set up a .xxx site with my cola name!"). That bubble should have (been) burst a long time ago...
When can I start using my name as a top level domain? That will be the day.
dammit! I had hoped this madness would never start :/
I hope for .plus domain :-)
KC Khoo
google household appliance ... LOL
sh*t, i love google but who gonna remember such a long domain names?
.ftw would be amazing!
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