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with 5gb I am more interested!
This has been a long time coming. In the past I just used Gmail as sort of document depot. However, now with Dropbox, SugarSync, CX, Box, etc. not to mention Evernote, Springpad, etc. Just wonder what will be the marginal benefit?
Yep! I'm waiting for it from the first moment i heard about it several years ago. I even bought extra space from Google (20Gb) few years ago just to be prepared :)))
Yes, can't wait :)
Last week there we're rumors of 1GB. 5 GB is much better.
absolutely, hopefully it come with video playback feature
This will be handy, it has been rumoured since Google Wave.
Better not be USA only, I will totally skits it!
This is an awesome achievement for Google
Sounds good to me, though the pretty ropey upload speeds in the UK limit the usefulness at the moment.
Great news indeed. Yet, I will definitely not stop using Dropbox.
Wonder how dropbox will react to this. Can't be bothered to maintain two providers so depending on the storage space I will decide which it will finally be.
Interesting would be when they bring in more than current skydrive does.
Ben Li
If complaints were loud about Google Docs going down for a few hours, they will be louder still when this fails.

I'm glad that Google is offering this because it will certainly provide better reliability than many existing local file systems. But think carefully becoming dependent on Google and your local ISPs for access to your critical personal or business files.

Also consider that once you're locked in, there's nothing to prevent Google or your ISP from charging for access (or from going bankrupt) at any point in the future. Imagine the outrage that might have occurred had MegaUpload monetised their trove of business documents, instead of being taken out by the TLAs.
Question : What is the difference between the new Drive and the current Docs feature?

Can't we already save files on docs?

Thnx +Rizwan Shehzad. Sounds like people are getting really excited about something they already have???
5GB wouldn't adequately host the average person's files. It's a shame they didn't up it a little so that it took domestic users out of the payment zone with it becoming a storage solution that would cost just for businesses and people with a seriously big bunch of folders. I pay Dropbox currently and have been itching to cancel the direct debit for a free solution. Bitcasa promises to look after infinite files - check it out:
+Jaime Uribe I think Google Docs is more of a transition product, where Google Drive is the end product. The name itself was implying documents only and people are often saying " i've got office installed, why would I need another text editor?"
ahhh. . I think Google can be more generous with storage limit. they could start with 10 GB free storage at least. :)
I bet they do the same as Google Play Music and give 20,000 files for free (or another number) rather than just giving a load of GBs.
Dave Vo
Good for non Google docs files exchange only
DropBox, Bing and others have offered this for some time. Apple's product is called iCloud. Google Should integrate their offering with Docs to form a seamless storage and collaboration facility.
+Jaime Uribe If it does actually come out, Google Drive will basically be Google Docs rebranded with one major difference--it will have a sync tool that you download to your desktop that wil sync your files between your computer and the cloud. That would give you a local backup of your files that is available offline and it also makes it easier to upload files--just drag them into the folder. already offers a similar service, but this will be an official Google version and it will likely be integrated with other Google services. So it is something to get excited about if you want an easy way to get your files into the Google ecosystem without having to upload them all through the web browser.
+Lou Farris From the screen shots that have been leaked, it looks like Google is going to do what you have mentioned. They will rebrand Google Docs as Google Drive and keep the same file system and infrastructure as is already in place. They are just adding an easy way to sync files with your computer as Dropbox has.
+Matthew James Derocher That makes more sense... sounds great. It sounded too much like docs, from what I was getting.
thanx for clarifying.
As I posted in another comment:

For Google Drive to be a serious competitor of Dropbox, it would need

- Selective sync
- File history (not just deleted, but also changed files)
- Offline Docs editor capabilities
- Unlimited file size and type uploads
- File/folder sharing with individuals, circles or public
- Reasonable pricing (keep the $5 per 20GB and throw in 5GB for free)

Most important: - Full integration of Docs, Video, Picasa, Music, Books, Gmail, etc, I don't want all these different apps and methods to know what I want to see or share, want it all in one place.

If they won't offer all that, I'm afraid I won't use it for anything but to backup my backups...
I say, you can never have too much cloud storage, especially free!! Instead of thinking of multiple providers as an aggravation, think of it as security or insurance. Divide up your data so, if your account gets hacked, no one gets access to everything. Likewise, if a provider goes under, you don't have to start from scratch to find a place to hold all of it.

+Sophia Burns They don't necessarily need to put them all physically in one place as much as they need to display them all in one place &, when you choose what you want to access, it brings up the appropriate tool - much like file associations on your computer.

I'd also add cross-platform to your list to include Windows/Mac/Linux desktops as well as mobile that should probably include Android/iOS/WinPhone at minimum.

I'm ready...bring it on!
+Jaime Uribe You're welcome. The problem is that all of this is just rumors now and hopeful thinking. In the past Google was planning a similar service, but it never happened. They put some of the work into Google Docs and allowed the upload of any file type. We can wait and hope for the best!
+Sophia Burns You have a high standard for what would make something able to compete with Dropbox. Dropbox does not even have all of the features that you mentioned (i.e. selective sync, reasonable price, & full integration with all kinds of other services. It does not seem logical that because it does not perform technological miracles that it cannot steal some market share from Dropbox. It might make more sense if you said, "If it does not have all of the items on my wish list, then I see no reason to bother with the hassel of switching services." But Google will likely gain some ground quickly because of the position they already hold in the cyber world.
+Matthew James Derocher Actually Dropbox does have every feature I mentioned :) And I think you will agree with me that Google has never been content with playing second fiddle to anybody...
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