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Hey. Everything's different if you ask nicely...
All you need is ask :P
bin ge
I'd prefer having the device ask me the type of stuff I want to allow, then quietly go off and install apps when I want to, only popping up a warning if they go outside the limits I set to warnings on. Then I'd pay a bit more attention perhaps.
+Feike Shi just type a + and then (without a space) start typing the person's name. You should see a list of names; click on the one you want.
+Feike Shi, what I told you is how to get someone's name into the comment, and what +Pieter Collier said is how to "+1" a comment/post. Both good things to know. Welcome to G+
Its not necessary, gadgets change human behavior..............i dont thik so...................
duhhhhhhhh, we are alll sooo smaaarrrtttt
Hands up who never reads the Terms and Conditions. >..<
I don't see anything funny here, having the choice is the whole point...
Choice yes --- Wisdom NO! (we have none of that) "Common sense is for commoners not for me", Should be Our Society's battle cry. again duhhh.
Omg I love this one it's so funny but my ipod does that to and I don't care about it
awesome!!!this guy is an idiot!
It's even funnier because he looks just like me. 
hehe forward idiot coz first find out mistake correct and then do it again lols
Easy solution: Empty your primary attached account of all information except for one email, the one you actually use. Forward all email to that address.
Keep a check on the children....'.please mummy can I have this's FREE....'
+Tim van de Rijdt, that's an awesome article. I agree, and I've been telling people that they need to get with the program, this is very similar to the creation of movable type.
The motto of the modern age: "Private information is worthless, public information is priceless." And society needs to figure out how to barter with this new chip.
LOL... Privacy? What fiction. We need a new web where 'Everything Digital' is recorded and where your data is involved you have easy access to one half of the transaction/interaction - By definition will include all who are trying to access your data for nefarious purposes...
Hao Yu
It doesn't work if you choose no.
you have no choice
if u don't circle me.u can circle who?
My newest Google+ signature:If u don't circle me,u can circle who?(niubility yǒu mù yǒu?)
Privacy is a delusion, one that the addiction to is just as harmful for people as being addicted to the delusion that cocaine improves your life. As physics reminds us, everything in the universe is connected, so everything you think and feel affects everything else, and is known by everything else, at least unconsciously...
mascot t for state of Wisconsin...
good football...
Yi Zhao
well,i don't know what happened…
Ye Ko
why does his shirt change color at the very end??
Actually, I did refuse to install many apps on my Android, because of the data it wants. On the other hand, some Android apps even do have a "privacy" version (with less features I never wanted in the first place). And for some apps you have to pay either by money or with your data (another reason I bought one app instead of using the free version).

I think this is how it's supposed to work. You just have to give the user at least the possibility to choose.
nice lol i would totally do this
Lol! Yes ask nice and we'll give up everything.
this doesn't even deserve a comment. even though it's completely true. :/
Meanwhile, Android applications request for your permission....

This android app would like to see ALL your information.

Accept and download. After all, what could Rovio do with my information..?
When free will is violated people rebel. People are more likely to make certain decisions when they feel that they have a choice.
People so contradict
so true, most people dont actually read these messages
Can you get Apple to aprove my $30. Christmas gift card? Really be appreciated, it was a gift from my son!
Nobody reads EULAs, nobody will read app privacy policies either
Because if I put "we can come into your house and rape you in the middle of the night" in my app's EULA, of course, OF COURSE, I can get away with it!
Just say please and you shall receive.
Iphone is a TOTAL waste of money. I prefer Xbox or psvita
I'm actually completely okay with giving out information if I know/agree to how its being used. That, and not doing illegal biddings, is why I don't mind using Google services :-)
iphone is not a gaming console for cod4 or anyother game, at the most it can only compete with the ds and others similar to the ds. Apple iphone is very neat and useful for someone who uses the functions is app oriented and use ther phone for just about everything
This guy is an apple geek ....
Most of time, all you need is ask for a permission !
Apple users
Also if you don't get it
Its that people bitch apple is giving away info
Then they get the option to or not and they just give all the info anyways
Thus there bitching was pointless
+the world

For being stupid, I love you world
Stupid and funny seems like they go together right?
this shisa actually happens .so watch what you allow on your i-phone or i pad"""
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