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Hey developers: You can now add an Instagram-like experience right into your apps
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+Dave Walker care to demonstrate? I was under the same impression as León, so perhaps I've been wrong all this time. Do you have any sources? Thanks.
GPL isn't the only Free Software license.  IMO, BSD license is more free as it has no restrictions at all.
+Dave Walker anyway, the mere point that Apple blocks a certain open source license means they're against open source in general. if they had no issue they would let GPL apps be published.

They only like the BSD because they build their proprietary stuff around BSD projects
+León Castillejos Fernández the BSD license boils down to "anyone can use this code for anything, but there's no warranty.". How does that restrict users more than the GPL's pages of legalese (particularly v3)?
+Mikel Pr lots of folks (myself included) like the BSD license because it is simple. 
+Dave Walker I like it too because of that, but I can assure you Apple does not like it because it's simple but because it lets them take code and not contribute it back.
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