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Facebook is eating the world, except for China and Russia: World map of social networks
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yeah that the world now and the facebook is the bigger one
Meh. Actually, such maps are kinda useless. They might show the strongest network in a certain region but that doesn't point out whether there are any competitors and it neither shows how much success they have.
And I'm not limitting this to G+, also applies for others (e.g. Orkut, StudiVZ etc.)
Google+ is showed up in white color.
 Facebook is literally eating the world, as in, its replacing mans drive.  It quenches mans need to go out and really do business. 
G+ is not on the list... Perhaps it is not REALLY a social network after all! 
+Malte Degener agreed. Though it seems that facebook is the Google of social networks. Or maybe it's the Yahoo that is soon replaced by G+. Lets hope for that.
It proves that Google+ has came from out of this world !!!!!!!!!!!!
I think, we are in Facebook more than cloob in Iran.
ss Lok
QZone is a interesting name. Like Twitter, Facebook can't enter Chinese internet marktet. But the map ignore Chinese native Twitter service: SINA Weibo.
HAHA they dominate most of the social world yet they are going broke. soon all that blue will be replaced by what ever color g+ get :)
Good for them we talk to much and say nothing
What/who controls the gray areas?
Facebook will meet its demise and follow the foot steps of my space, lol.....its inevitable .
China and Russia not play social with around the world.  close learn?  But I like Google more than Facebook .
You guys realise that G+ isn't on there because it isn't the most popular social network in any country in the world.
one biggest key out there, google has more militant users than others :)
In the future maybe G+ to most popular.
Oh man, where's Orkut, I hear it's big in Brazil!
But much people play Google+.  Look from member.
It is going to get +4 armies every turn for owning all of South America and Australia. If it can capture the rest of N. America and Africa it will get +12 armies a turn and should be able to take over the world soon after #RiskInRealLife 
Google + stands no chance of ever being most popular based on it integration abilities. the API is crap, developers can't really use it, +1'ing is only of SEO value not social value, and most of all there is very few people using it or willing to start using it.  Yes there are some techies here, but really does it stand a chance next to facebook or twitter?  I bet it is even loosing ground right now to linked in and pinterest (working people and the retired).  

Anybody who thinks google + will be the one is sadly delusional. 
If this was risk they'd be kicking ass!
I must agree with Andy on some. Many people dont like the politics of Google and wont use it. I like PLUS but I think that Google is a bit to "heavy" for many people.
Before at Thailand have social network is Hi5 but Facebook is most popular this time. 
Why we want only one network, We want more.

Face is not eating. But it is connecting more people in more countries.

Google+ needs to integrate Google groups with Google+ thus giving a groups facility to Google+ members
But All Social network.  It's have friends.
Twitter and Google+ ?? I don't think June 2012 is accurate
Have a friendly all social network.  I like it.  all social
G+ missing from the stats.
Yaiii Latvia :) is still standing it's ground
Par R
كلوب ؟؟؟ شبكه اجتماعي غالب در ايران كلوب است؟؟؟ امار غلط به واسطه ي استفاده ي ايرانيان از وي بي ان لابد
It would be good if there could be one big worldwide social network. But there is too much politics involved.
One network could black list some and black mail some.
looks like the whole of the commonwealth is face"booked"
Just wonder, Mongolia has the infrastructure for wide-spread Internet usage?
hmmmm here face book has become something like lavatory wall
+Albert Cheung Just wonder, China does not have the infrastructure for wide-spread internet usage
Dale M
well it doesnt cover whole country with every hole, still we do have internet every city and town
Facebook is soo big the amount of interesting conversation has hit a nose dive.
where is google plus or orkut
Google + is also best in all over world.
Omid Z
where is my google+?
Whats in the grey regions??? anybody know it???
Using facebook for persians is through proxy servers so their IPs changes US or europe.
Good , but FaceBook is eating the planet
they are ancient things...?
It looks like countries not using Facebook are usually ruled by oppressive regimes.  Another proof that Americans deserve ruling the world.
+Pisit BaLL In Russia we have our Facebook - VKontakte. This social network captured the market long before Facebook arrive Russia. I do not know how Facebook will try to capture the market in the current situation.
Does it really matter how many users Facebook has?How can companies evaluate their exclusive sales from advertising on Facebook?Same reason GM mentioned in withdrawing it's Facebook ad-campaign.
People are starting to become wary of social networks because of the feeling of these networks prying on their personal information.
Only time before this bubble bursts.
its sourced from Google trends, but I guess they can add as they want
I look at this and sad for the human race.
Damn touch screen keyboards, I meant that I feel sad for the human race. So linked but so disconnected.
Where's twitter, tumblr, google+, formspring and AIM?
G+ is walled in China.
Facebook is walled in China.
Twitter is walled in China.
Youtube is walled in China.
Google is walled in China sometimes.
What can we Chinese do?
i think g+ is indicated in white color....LOL...
Further proof, no one uses Twitter.
我朋友, 卧室伊朗的可是很喜欢中文, 我每天在qq聊天三个小时多, 你对了,伊朗也很好像中国,我们不能用facebook, twitter ,youtube 所以我们 一样
where's G+? Global? ))
In Iran we use facebook more than Cloob! We have to use VPN to bypass filtering so I guess that's why you wrote Cloob. But it's FB.
It would have been great if Google+ stats were also there.
Every iranian people in this photo and this combination is an american person.because for bypassing filters we use americans lines.
Google is the whole map. If you have a gmail account, you automatically have G+. So, technically they are considered a social network. 
most of my friends and i stop using Qzone years ago.
Umm.... I think someone's forgotten Orkut.
thalle pillakal entharu parayanethu!!!!!!!
they did not put in google+… SHAMEFUL!!!!!!!!
hmmmm....orkut is not so close to real world than facebook,,,,
that's wat the above map show,,,,
that's because google+ is hardly used by anyone at the moment
Let's not forget that Facebook and G+ are on the other side if the great firewall. 
dude it its not showing political map to judge whether indian map is correct or not,.... it is just focusing on areas according to Social networking users
google+ is out of this world, that's why it's not in the map
drop your tears here and take my heart with you
it is not map of India...Only showing India with Pakistan using facebook...
Facebook is leading,but what about g+
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain
To my understanding, in Japan mixi still has more users than Facebook.
yaya where is Goo+
face book capturing the world
so true! in my country almost everyone got a facebook account!
Checked the numbers: As of March 2012 Facebook had 10 Mil. active users, Mixi had 15 Mil. active users (both use the same definition for "active"). So there.
That's impressive. Thanks for supplying the statistics!
I think Facebook already reached its peak in the Indian Subcontinent and now there is a downfall, though it is arguably the  most popular social networking site till now
this info is gathered from sources which just collect the social activity of each region's IP address, that is not even close to reality, because of the governmental filtering, people's reach to FB by using the VPN and proxy servers where their IP address region located in US, Canada, Germany, France, Britain and etc. I just made a survey about Iranian social activity in Iran, questioned from 250 active social network users, and the result showed 246 (98.5 %) of them was Active Facebook users, but connected with US or Canadian's VPN. i think you need to put the Blue color of facebook on regions of Iran, China, Russia in this map, too.
Toyota sell more cars than any other manufacturer. But they aren't the only manufacturer and they aren't the maker of any of my past or current cars.
Guys,dont worry.Google+ is not in just because Google+ still young and fresh...time will prove everything.i believe Google+ will popular in future...WORLDWIDE!
Google+ does not compete with Facebook. It competes with blogs. It is what blogging should have been. Ideas shared on a global network - not pictures of an old friend from homeschool's sister's kids, who you don't give a crap about.
Facebook is banned from China right? That's why it's not affecting China at all.
because in china , that's a powful barrier!
No G+ and no Tuenti (in Spain, almost the ONLY social network... No teenagers use Facebook, and if they do, it's their secondary account).
Just wait until 2015 it will be all covered in gplus colours.
Wonder how linkedIn factors in on this chart... I know it is a business specific niche but valid never the less.
THE POOR MAN BLEEDS BECAUSE  THE MIDDLE CLASS IS              $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$THE RICH MANS BITCH$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I would expect that Facebook is leading the world.
we have WeiBo too
I take perverse pleasure in the fact that I use almost everything but Facebook. Never signed up. Never will. I think I'd rather lick a toilet seat.
R Baker
Wow--this is pretty interesting, in a socio-political sort of way too.
Where people have a choice they choose FB. That map in blue, that's basically the free world right there.
Soon russ n chin will become blue.......keep in touch.
try tryd n neva felt so depressed,,an imanara GROOWN MAN. . .FACEBOOK??!!Shuda called it frownbook!!!!!!
grey where it is too hard to actually get access to the internet?  Look at the map and figure out where to go for your "back to nature" holiday, lol.
+Mohammad Sadra Maghsoudi Since Facebook is blocked in Iran, there is no "easy" way to find out how many Iranians use facebook. and Cloob is a local social network and I thing one the few which could be tagged as not-blocked.
But anyway, I do believe Facebook has eaten Iran as well, but it's not clearly visible.
That reminds me to update my status on Odnoklassniki to "Polka"...
Read the website, guys. "Google+ stats are not displayed by Google Trends for Websites." Because of this G+ isnt on the map.
Wow! that's the biggest empire ever! :P :D It's way bigger than Genghis Khan or the British Empire. But one thing that is always true for empires is- THEY WILL FALL.
WJ Wong
I don’t facebook, I only Qzone & G+~
Hehehe. . .China phones n PCs are noj enabled!
May be. .
#we suffer Facebookeric disease!!
I hate the fb for example, some people have not life because all time in the fb.

Some people forget one thing, the social network depends from you, not you depends from this.
5 years from now... Google+ will the most used network everywhere... well maybe except China...
No facebook in china and russia?!!! Poor peole..must be they even know its the 21st century?
Wow I didn't think that may people used Facebook 
We'll see how this changes when FB starts trying too hard to monetize posting..
G+ is not the same social network, this is my opinion
+陶旭 China does hv the infrastructure, but, all western social sites are blocked :P
signing up for qzone... fuck facebook
I guess these things tend to be temporary these days... however it is an impressive dominance and will be interesting to see how quickly and successfully it'll be challenged ... Does Google + have a chance? Or would it be better for the web if this dominance was challenged by someone other than Google?
I'll report this to G. Bush.
Hey I'm not on Facebook! Am I the only one?
Is there a way to follow G+ statistics? Is it still growing? Is it losing users?
china, russia, vietnam are blocking Facebook, so the local facebook-liked social network sites are able and have the possibilities to grow up. what a pity to these nations
G+ is the best by far!  Haven't used Facebook in months.
Since Fb. has North & South America why do I only have 15 people from there and the other 510 come from Asia Arab Countries and Africa but I live in America
Twitter and google+ should improve more win this race against facebook. 
+le tinh gmail not that good on mobile it keeps crashing and freezing I also have hotmail no problems at all no freezing or crashing on mobile
They already have Socialism, the Media is obsolete.
Two years ago Fb. was very good on all electronic gadgets now to many changes & it all fuck up but now I spend more time on three network Google Plus Twitter & Pinterest 

who is still using Facebook..........????
nobody in greenland uses social networking?
not sure I'd call Linkedin a "social" network, more of a professional network, and where the hell is Google+?
what ever happened to +Orkut? Was it the thing to have in Brazil and India?
The network here in China has actually been alienated by the whole world. We have Chinese FB(renren), Chinese twitter(weibo), Chinese youtube(youku), chinese ebay(taobao), etc. Thanx to God that I can have access to all those sites when using VPN.
i used to have a facebook but there is to much drama so i switched
Google is Worldwide so Google+ is also Worldwide...
Its Invisible in above Image but Spreaded on Whole Earth...
People are leaving facebook because it sucks I mean thousands of people
Interesting that Mongolia bucks the trend in Asia.  I'd like to note though, Facebook is growing in Eastern Europe/Caucasus so this graphic is probably more sensationalist than it should be...
This map is not accurate. has got much more unique visitors/users that fb in Poland.
i love how this is a google+ post with 339 comments saying that fb is eating everything......ironic????
hong kong is using facebook!
In iran(my country)all of sorry guys sexy web and Facebook and other charrooms are filter we can't go easy to every webs.
Like me.I haven't von and net speed here is so slowly an I can't go facebook.
No Twitter? So, Facebook is number 1? That's cool.
Irrelevant if the stocks continuously going the drain!
i think facebook is more popular in youth. 
+ + if you hate Facebook
So Google+ isn't put in this survey? Good to know.
#Facebook peoples did this survey lol. Google+ RULES!!!
+Akshay Bist Facebook will become like Yahoo and AOL sooner than later. It is so shallow! I think FB found a niche... all the less intelligent people who hates change will stick with it. 
U can jx imagine hw much dis ppl are makin jx by gettin ppl addictd to it
Google plus keeps getting better and better. Facebook is getting worse Lulz
China and Russia are the last hope for humanity.
Qzone is "Chinese" verison of facebook :)
China is the sewage of the world.
Isn't Orkut the dominant social network in Brazil?
Very interesting graph. The untold story is how powerful LinkedIn is. 
Surely the term social network is a contradiction in terms. It is neither social nor a network. Twitbookers spend their days looking but seeing nothing. How can you have friends you don't know and have never met? I have been using google+ for a few weeks and find no solid reason to do so. Are we so desperate for recognition and/or approval that we don't care who it's from or what the price is?
People, the reason why google plus is made because Everyone is in it with with Facebook. They can relate with each other and though it's getting obsolete but everyone is in with Facebook(especially teenagers). Actually, I've only seen one teenager like me here in google plus but he's inactive which makes me think a little bit weird at the moment. And also many have their account deactivated. Maybe it will take years before Facebook will be gone out of use(like 7 years, maybe?). And there's a bit possibility that google plus won't surpass Facebook
Y si Facebook cayera igual que Myspace quien augura a Facebook?
moving away from fb... i see more tradeable items than my friends' real post lol
+Andy Killen Google+ seems to be a diamond in the rough. Do not forget google changed the way sites are ranked now in their searches. I think Google+ will pop more social media myths along with what Klout did. 
yeah... its true.... i just wonder why gmail or twitter could be the same
Facebook is shit, it doesn't make any money, why is it still here ?
Facebook has taken over the woooorld! RUN FOR YOUR PRIVACY!
Facebook just goes to show we are social beings. Our need to connect & communicate.
Google+ is better than Facebook, but lacks the users. 
No way! are you dumb? facebook is way better than Google+
Are most of those English Empire territory. Lol. Had to go empirical on that one.
hi, i'm still new in G+ and i don't really understand it . .
but, nice to meet you all :D
here in South Africa facebook has eaten us up 2,we used 2 be huked 2 mxit but its either fb o twitter!
G+ is sooooo new no1 knws it here lol
Facebook is insecure, an immoral buisiness run corruptly, your information is never secure its like the hotel california you can check out but never leave, everybody who is on facebook constantly bully others to go on it even alienate others who are not on it, look in the media, the harrasment, abuse and child trafficking, wake up people, dont follow the other lemmings over the cliff, read all the end user agreement on facebook and skype carefully.
DW Coon
yay i was 1,000th to +1
How bout the white/greyish ones? What designation are they?
I only heard 1 that is face book.
Because russian and chinese r very weak in english thats why

Because fb is blocked in China, maybe?
Mark Li
Shame for China
More than that the Chinese highly censor their citizens view of the internet. Not using Facebook and using a gov't sanctioned social site would be a no-brainer
It's not about the language , it's culture 
Sooner enough google+ will overcome facebook...hahaha
FB will begin to charge fee later, not enough advertisement :)
in your country every thing is also avaiable but those site who use all over the world but accept to china .
Kaka Li
i wonder why Facebook can't enter Russia
Why would we want facebook we just use kontakte
It's a blue planet indeed.
So what this shows is that the Russians and Chinese have more sense than the rest of the world.
Liz E
When FB IPO went public and I heard major corporations purchased most of the shares AND one of FB co-founders took the profits and split the country without paying taxes like everyone else has to, well, I thought, why am I wasting my time on what is clearly NOT a socially acceptable social media site? I deactivated my profile and feel great.
Never hard of those other networks. 
Ha ha ha, nice visual and so true
I wish China will open up for Facebook.
not me google+ is better than facebook by far!!
Ray A
Facebook is like a person going to buy the first new thing. Now everyone has it, its not popular anymore, and its over rated. I'm sure everyone out there has 2+ accounts of FB..its a joke to consider FB as a something still 'cool'. I'm also sure more than half hardly go on it anymore seeing how un-universal and pointless compared to Google. This global crap is a joke...give it a rest.
I like how all of you that are complaining and putting down Google+ are all using Google+.
Looks at the Americas, their surfaces covered in the Facebook blue One day G+, one day you will surpass Facebook. Just you wait.
Ho Vinh
I am Vietnamese and i am pround of the growing up of zing social network.why dont u try it.however,i like fb and google+ too.

How do you transfer your pictures from face book too google+ by your phone i dont even know how too work this website android thing :S
Soon there will be a few more colours on that chart, Facebook will slowly give place to other Social Network platforms.
no +Angus Allen , not yet.. since (what it looks like) Cloob is green, what color will google+ be when it is finally on the map?
Please someone let me know how about gogle+
Come on guys! Let's change the scenario..... G+ shall overpower.... One with me shall + 1 my comment
Orkut should be up there for South America. Orkut is the hottest social channel in Brazil. 
+mojtaba sharifi 在中国, 总有办法可以突破封锁访问 facebook, twitter, Google+, 只要你懂一点技术.
TheNextWeb? or The Next comScore? hmmmm
I just deleted my Facebook account. To much bloat, so I'm on twitter and Google+ for now. I'm also on the edge to delete my LinkedIn account. Never use it anyway
Brilliant. Kind of sad, since facebook sucks, but thats society i guess. But where is the coverage of Google+ users. Ha ha.
Dang man Facebook trin to take over da world
Google+ will win in the end...facebook is drama land and their mgt sucks
Russia and china are superior!!!!!!
Couldn't believe WORLD full of "DUMB ASSES" using FACEBOOK ... !!
There are we can see full movies in a Russian social network :))
Thats a lie why have the whole u.s. covered in blue when I dont use it the map should have one small white dot for me not using it.
I'm from Vietnam, We have Facebook and G+. And yes, Zing sucks!
You see Africa dominated by Facebook. That is true
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