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We might end up using Google+ for our internal work as much as our social!
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This is awesome news.
We use it all day long and I would say we're pretty successful :)
Hope the quality of posts and content are maintained unlike the other social media.
Every time work mentions social media in MS Word I have a meme saved "What about G+ The Fastest Growing Social Network and a lolcat thrown in for good measure FTW
Yes! It's very amazing. Awesome and very interesting and helpful. I love it!
It gets better: Picnik, Google's image editing software, is being folded into Google+.
Now the tricky part is to get other people to I am working with to use google docs and google plus.

I find these cool features make dealing with slow-adopters all the more frustrating!
Two friends and I have been extensively utilizing hangouts and live document editing for a small game project for months. So good.
Nice, about time NetMeeting got a replacement.
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Jay Tee I wish I had this when I was in college......
..and a short time later Google start charging businesses for the pleasure.
That Is amazing because I use Google Docs all the time now!
This is great. The Google Docs team talked about this in an On Air Hangout I participated in. Video is on You Tube (link in one of my older posts).
I totally love +Google+ and everything they are doing to make the best experiences socially and for work.
Google is taking over. Lets just hope these services remain free.
Google services will always be free. That's how they collect so much information. If they charged for search or + then people would flock to free alternatives.
I agree Eric. Getting everyone on board and then having it work without frustrating everyone involved will be the next step. I had to abandon Gdocs last fall when the lag was getting too much to bear.
Gdocs is a pretty handy tool to have
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