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Facebook paid a billion dollars this week for a photo app, Microsoft paid the same amount for 800 patents. If it was your company and your billion dollars what would you have done?
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i would had done the patents because in the long run they would be a better return on the investment.
I'd buy Google, then Apple.. In that order. And then watch MSFT and FB scared shitless.
Facebook one billion spent definitely has more potential to develop and to make the investment worthwhile. When Google bought YouTube for $1.6 billion many thought it was crazy and it turned to be a great deal.
+norkhairi misdi Lol, there's no way Google or Apple could be bought for a billion. Google is like what, worth 80 billion dollars? Not sure. But Apple is 600 billion dollars. They will laugh if you show up with your measly billion dollars.
I wonder that je needs two days to buy crap for a billion.
+Elias Mårtenson Totally agree with you, it's like AT&T wasting all that money on lobbying for their tanked deal with T-Mobile and the pay out they lost on. Could have hired more people to build out a better network at that dollar value. I mean it took them 2 and half weeks to set up internet and U-verse at my bosses house because they are understaffed.
My company & my billion?
I would've put it in my bank account & retired ;p
I would actually buy patents and Pinterest with that money, if at all I could make a deal with $1 Billion! :-O
I wonder if Google is actually considering buying Pinterest. They say Pinterest is used primarily by women, whereas G+ has the opposite trend. Finding a way to combine the two could be an interesting proposition.
who got the better deal? whoever can monetize it more quickly and for the best rate on their investment. It is possible that Facebook might be that one if it helps increase traffic and allows them to advertise. for MS it might be a bit more difficult as those patents only make it money if they can license them. I suspect they are looking to add them to their library of things they can force people to license for years down the line.
Stop the patent war. Start making new business and new ideas.
the patent rights arew more valuable in the long run
Google paid 1.65 Billion for YOUTUBE!! I think the answer to your question is Google :D
hahah insight to why facebook is a FAD
Dam.. The heck was I thinking last night.. Buy Google AND Apple? For a BILLION? Note to self: never comment while half asleep again.
Would have pocketed it and retired :)
When it comes to money you will get pockets to stash them :)
the patents. Instagram is a neat app but is only living off its "zeitgeist" appeal and will eventually fade like all fashionable things. Good job for the guys that created it, I am in no way dissing their achievement which is fantastic and the kind of Rockstar startup success that makes this type of business so appealing but for a Billion dollars this only makes sense for Facebook or Twitter. Solid patents will allow you to stand on many legs ready to capitalize on evolving business and social paradigms. Instagram just paints photos and shares them.
I would prefer for patents. Patents always earn for long time. Application can have clones
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