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I have never used it. It was too much like Facebook in the first place
It's a natural move and makes sense! Haters will always hate.
Deleted my account and uninstalled the app. Same with the rest of the family.
Its not about hate +Ryan Bennett its about culture. Techology is not the ussue, but the two social network community cultures are polar opposites, thus the reaction. 
I actually just got one (an account that is) and I'm hoping Facebook doesn't do anything drastic.....They have a very irksome way doing things.....
I used it twice and uninstalled it.
tried the android app, hated it [not because I'm a hater, but because i'd rather not be forced into tiny squares-and it just wasn't pleasant. at all, which disappointed me after its popularity], deleted my account. but i'll never get that time back. i could have spent it looking for the shift key
How about some advantages to this acquisition then. Anyone? 
to elaborate on what +Ryan Bennett & +Donna Willis are commenting, Zuckerberg stated:

"We believe these are different experiences that complement each other. But in order to do this well, we need to be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram's strengths and features rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook," wrote Zuck. "That's why we're committed to building and growing Instagram independently. Millions of people around the world love the Instagram app and the brand associated with it, and our goal is to help spread this app and brand to even more people."

So with that being said, it leads me to believe that there will be no major functional "changes" one way or another. I understand the data privacy concerns but Facebook is going to get your information one way or another IMO so why stop using Instagram if you enjoy it?
I was just starting to use it. EOT for me...
I don't even have a Smartphone to use Instagram but if it is going to happen the same that did when Google bought You Tube, wait and see that will sucks! You Tube is terrible since Google bought it!
Yes, but not for the FB operation: on Android Instagram is plain useless and it's not worthy the fact that it has a social network of its own. Every Instagram-iPhone user generally post pictures to Facebook or Twitter to show his/her "skill". On Android Instagram app could have more sharing options if it only had used the sharing provider offered by the OS.
I prefer Pix or Pixlr-o-matic
Facebook + Change = people losing their minds
Tim Box
After trying, it I stopped. So it would make no odds to me.
What Marc Zuckerberg says means absolutely nothing +Craig Kilgore and that's the problem. FB is not a trustworthy brand and that's why people are in such contempt and disgust about this merger. He does not merit benefit of the doubt as he says anything and delivers confusion. Can you explain timeline or FB privacy?
brian s
poor hipsters. noplace of their own to be "cool" by posting their terribly boring photos with the same tired effects over and over. now that everyone's Mom on Android and FB is doing it, they'll have to go into hiding or stick to Tumblr
Agree +b. sharkey will stick with Tumblr...but not all IG photos are boring, there are some really amazing photographers around the world. It's been fascinating to see Sudan, Japan, Saudi Arabia, places you are taken because the individual is actually there.
Like many Android users, I only starting using +Instagram recently. It's a very good but not great app. It's fast and does what it says it does. No more, no less.
I am not a fan of Facebook and my immediate reaction to the news was delete and uninstall which is not a big deal as I've very little time/effort/photos invested in it.
However, I will wait and see if it is folded into the FB family or left alone as promised.
I just got instagram, I do enjoy the community, it isn't the best app! Picplz is actually better IMHO, of course but it lacks the community instagram has built! I think it was only a matter of time before some company came along and bought it off!
It's a smart business move and if I had to guess, I'd say neither of the communities lose more than a very small fraction of users, if any at all when it's all said and done. +Donna Willis, I do not disagree with questioning FB's trustworthiness by any means but at the end of the day, they are doing something right to be heading in the direction they have been for the last several years. Who is more aggravated with the move though overall, Facebook users or Instagram users?
I never used Instagram. But now I definitely won't!
like +Ben Smith I downloaded to see what was the noise about but there's nothing spectacular and now that FB owns it I'm out!
Agree +Craig Kilgore about the biz side of the deal and the technology. The social community personality is what has created the Insta backlash along with the FB untrustworthy brand. Igers are connected by the images of their choice thus will be most impacted not fb users who are use to a mish-mash of clutter.
I never used it to begin with and I definitely won't know. I don't like how Facebook is just buying up everything without fixing what they already have.
These polls are somewhat bias... I mean come on. How much merit can a poll have that is cast on a competing social network site? 
brian s
+Donna Willis some digital photo retouching is fine, but most Instagram photos suffer due to lack of technique or a good subject. which folks think they can cover up with lipstick and camoflauge. can't say I'm the most accomplished photographer out there but a little perspective, composition, and originality helps. so does the most important feature: subject matter.
I tried it once or twice, not a big fans of it. And now there is one more reason for me to uninstall it.
Tru dat +b. sharkey that there are over treated images, however there is equally a real community of quality amateur photographers.

The #instagrammers community is a subgroup with #igers grouped in many cities in the world who could leave in mass to another platform as they are a cohesive group and social network.
There is a potential to find more interesting people to follow. I'll keep giving it a chance. More points of view can't be a bad thing.
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