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Watch as Apple customers try to tell the difference between the new iPad & iPad 2:
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Hardly the best test to show people the difference..... Silly and pointless
well... they are proud of the new display, so it worth a try
That was fun. Loved the last comment you added for Samsung commercials, you definitely did them a favor :D
turn down the brightness on the new one and turn it up on the old ipad - most people will think the brighter is the newer ipad.
this I-pad & ios thing wont be a big sensation in nxt few years, when emulator will born take place. Just like blackberry as making sure to run an android apps via rooting.
for I-pads, Only retina display is making different from the other
i wont buying this ipad , but i'm not have money, hihiih :D
I spent 30 mins at a Best Buy yesterday comparing the two models. It was instantly obvious on a text laden site which was the new iPad. Same with a graphic heavy site. The crispness is remarkable. There were several dozen people playing during that time and it was obvious to them as well judging from comments. The Best Buy i was at didn't label which was which in the demo area. Did certain apps and sites look no different? Yes. Is the iPad2 a great tablet? Yes. Another bogus thing about the video is not letting people move around on it. They would have noticed the bigger processor speed for video.. big improvement. Gotcha videos are cheap and easy.
Another loud proof that proves the DUMB RETARDNESS of Apple Users. "If you have an Apple.. Well you don't have brains".
Mr. Patel,
You are dumb and ignorant.
I'm with Vijay- exactly how is this huge advertisement for this company qualifying as "Hot On Google+" ???
+VIJAY PATEL: Please stay safe on your high horse of smugness. I'm sure your numerous friends will congratulate you on your cunning conversational skills.

Much respect,
—someone who is entirely confident and happy with his hardware choices.
Considering how much #Apple markets the display ... This is just plain #Priceless ... lolol get it!? ... Priceless.
Bogus test. Show a picture on it, not the desktop. Here's an idea, put a picture of WIndoze on it and see who can pick the iPad. Lame.
Dudes, there is NO new iPad! You've all been had! The new iPad is "new" in the sense that it's not second hand!
rember when apple was a fruit that we ate,made pies,jelly,etc???????
For all those apple fanboys who hate this test, you cannot disagree that its quite a simple test and ppl failed at it!
Ivo Bozic
Apple figured it out .. apple fan boys are morons .. they could put an apple label on a banana, call it the "newer iPad" & they'd pay through the ass for it.
Apple's ipad has been my dream device to have. And i dont know when my dreams will come true. May this is it. 
apple is a cult,,,,, jobs was a guru,,,, joining a cult you dont have to think for your self
Its a damn common sense, the new one has tapered end, pixels are not easily seen but one can see it if see closely. That's why am saying Apple users are dumb, they cant even use their freaking commonsense! All they do is behave like a girl in period. Lol
Apple's should just named iPad 2012- iPad 2013 and so on.
+Zora Campbell Apple owns the copyright to the tree now. (Kidding.)

I feel this is a bogus test, though. Unless they really look closely on the icons, they wouldn't know.
Ipad still rocks but apple users are dumb
we don't hate the test. we hate the pea minded people and their comments on this groundbreaking device - that even Samsung can't compete with.
Jo3 N
Galaxy tab all the way :-)
What is the point? As you could only really tell if they had shown an image, just a few icons and you cannot really tell
The latest release of the iPad when sold in Singapore doesn't operate on 4G except on 3G only. This is because the frequency used in the US & the rest of the world is not compatible. I wonder, why iPad is being sold in countries outside the US. It should be modified so that its frequency can harness the 4G circuit outside the US.
I got ipad 3 it's not much different then 2nd one game and video look allot better and it's faster
Still confused in new and old one.
received an Ipad2 from my wife on my birthday last month. it's fantastic!
Doing a display test at night at a random glance does not seem that scientific. It appears that anyone that took the time to actually look got it right. Do this test yourself by reading something in iBooks on the old ipad, then the new one. Most apps are still not updated for the higher resolution so they look the same on both.
Why we have Apple Fan boy's giving justification to every single Mistake Apple has done.. Why don't they just admit it. In Many countries Iphone flagship device can cost you more than your home. I simply don't know why they made a pile of over 100 Billion for!!
In Brazil an ipad costs 5000 dollars. o.O
I wish people didn't take this so seriously. Please don't get your undies in a wad because a few customers can't tell the difference.

By the way, I do find this vid funny though.
Yes, you can buy Galaxy Note+ Galaxy S2.. and still have money to spare .. rather than Iphone 4s..
hey hey if anyone wanna listen to me... pick up your nokia it's better of all lol :D
As a statistician you should know that a sample like this is not a good test. I saw it in Chicago - it is a better screen but I did not notice a huge difference in speed.
people will buy anything with hype and label; you could probably sell them a rock as a pet and get away with it... oh wait...
I'll keep my nexus and Xoom, thanks anyway apple
I bet this video is rigged. It showed more users pointing to the wrong iPad. The difference between the screens is so obvious.
These kind of surveys always ask the wrong people. Well probably they will never get me I'm not a high level Apple Fan that do wait lines for a new product.
+Anthony Wolfe Apple does blow and everyone else raises their sails hoping to ride along ;)

+The Next Web
What a crock, open an ePub on both and drop the text to the lowest font size - ok now which can you still read?
Shameless link-bait, you hacks should be ashamed.
I do not use Apple products, but are Apple devices (Ipad 2,3...Iphone4S) able to run more than 1 app at the same time? like play music and surf the web?
esha sha the lady of magic you look stunning and i know that you always do.
Jim L.
+Cheval Nektosha I was trying to figure out a nice, concise way to say that they've finally gotten into the video game field... you summed it up perfectly!
It's quite easy actually, just look at a 'W' on the screen the ipad2 has jaggys and the new iPad does not.
David K
Apple is the Williams Sonoma of electronics - just ripping people off who are eager to spend money
Come on! 2000+ resolution is a big difference to tell!
So, Google isn't ripping of people then?
I really like ipad and it is a necessity for me. i'm just new to ipad 2, can't give my opinion yet
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
ehh, the video is kind of pointless. if they would have been running an hd game, or any gpu intensive app, i would bet that the majority of people would be able to tell which one was the new iPad. i'm a hard-core pc enthusiast but i still think that there is no denying the fact that iPads are extremely great tablets. additionally, the stock market say's that they're the tablet king. overpriced? perhaps, but i'm sure that many would argue that the buttery smooth performance and clean/simple look about it makes it worth it.

as far as the new iPad, yes it isn't as revolutionary as the iPad or iPad 2 but it does bring some new features to the table that make surpass its predecessor all around. i think of the new iPad as a "tick" in the iPads life cycle while the iPad 2 was a "tock" with the introduction of front/rear cameras, face time, beefed up processor, retina display etc...(reference to intel's "tick" - "tock" model)
Yes, I know they looked exactly the same, the point is anyone one who tells the difference will get 100 Billion Dollars as company is going to make announcements soon .. :)
ill stick to my gaming laptop :)

i love the smoothness of the iPad but damn you gotta love the hardcore stuff once you get beyond the tablet.
It's kinda sad actually. People are paying so much money for something they don't even notice. :/
=)) Well, Apple definity is best at making money...
Whatever I will use my iPad 2 un till its 5 years old why would I upgrade after only 9 months of use its still new. Folks save ur money there is no different that screen is gonna get old and its performance will be as shitty as other products
its a lot of crap.. average customer might not know the difference.. specially looking at the home screen
Apple is trying to gain customers back by doing a huge campaign for some only minor changes. lol
Would have been funnier if one of the people who got it wrong was an Apple employee!
Can you sue yourself for product confusion? Not sure what Apple was thinking here. Unless they are trying to confuse people to buy the new one buy making so similar looking to the old one just to get more money from its customers.
I can tell with a microscope... but the point here is they stopped innovating and are just ripping people off. I mean it's even thicker than the old one to boot.
I think we knew this was the case. How many different articles does there need to be? It's the same with the iPhone 4s. There's nothing innovative with the device, it's the hardware that has changed for the better. At least in this case with the new iPad, you're getting a slightly better display, new hardware behind the scenes and 4G CONNECTIVITY.

I'm not an Apple fanbois by any means, but your average consumer isn't going to 'get it.'
Funny thing is they compared it to the transformer prime which has been out for almost a year and it still doesnt beat it. Apple is always behind.
Say the people who choose VHS over Betamax
Not a whole new device.. Just minor improvements from the iPad 2.. But still gonna sell like crazy i think
Has Apple lost its way in addition to loosing its leader?
Lets look at this story under a microscope.
Pft my ipod works better then that
apple is the biggest hoax i can remember for stocks. there's no way a company can go this long without paying a dividend. it's like buying a painting and never hanging it on the wall, then selling it and telling ur buyer chances r the painting will never allow itself to be hung on the wall. what's the point in buying a company that doesn't offer a dividend? wouldn't we all invest in non-profits, then? and how is apple buying back its shares at such a high price? wouldn't they want to sell more shares, in case it falls? its p/e ratio is relatively fragile. as we can see with plenty of other tech companies, popularity can plummet at any time. what's to say competitors rnt already making products that are better, cheaper and require no proprietary hardware? well, anyways, the world thought the american property market wud never tank. we'll see if the market chips into apple's dominance... before the trust busters do (which is unlikely, cuz it seems like all the judges like apple. i mean, that makes sense, considering judges r all relatively bland and uniform on the outside, much like apple)
HAHAHA... proof positive that Apples real skill is marketing.
Oh god forbid a company has good marketing. Everything should just be able to sell itself. Sheesh. Some comments just make my head swim.

At least Apple don't waste their resources trying to lay crap on other devices. 
That's hilarious, no improvements here people, move along, move along.
I agree that this video isn't a very good test. Also- it is said "Apple Customers". I don't see one person come out of the Apple store they are standing in front of. That means it is random people walking by.... it is like the news, where they get the DUMBEST people to interview. There is no science to this at all. And NO I don't own an iPad. Although I will admit I own other Apple product (iPod).
Not really a scientific study. But if they are that similar, what's the point in upgrading?
LOL! Some of those people were a kind of short sighted though or even blind! Or was it that they were blinded by the screens at night? Seeing the difference between iPhone 3GS and 4 screen it must be the same on those iPads! Unbelievable!
I guess the man on the street can't always tell the difference between the best display available and the best display available+
Have them read an article on Instapaer for 10 minutes each on both and then have them read a full-page comic on each for 10 minutes. They'd know all too well the difference.
I get what people mean by using a photo or an app.

But to me, if i were to buy something that has 2x or 4x the resolution (cant remember which they say), and the company keeps calling it magical and "resolutionary", i would want to be able to tell the difference straight away even on the lockscreen
its ez to tell ipad 2 has a camera dont u no
So if Apple makes minor improvements on their best-selling device and then keeps selling it for the same price, they're crooks? I don't follow that logic.
It is not that easy, however, if you have 20/20, it is visible directly in Mail: text looks more "blurry".
If you have to LOOK for reasons to buy the new iPad then you're a fanboy, plain and simple. You should be able to see significant differences at a glance. Since the main selling point for the new iPad is the screen resolution, you shouldn't have to find a magnifying glass to notice the differences.

I hate that the iPad gets so much publicity when the Asus transformer prime is just as amazing, and even more with the keyboard dock.

I get the feeling that the 4th gen iPad will come out with a docking station of their own and iFanboys will say it's revolutionary.
+Omar Saif It's actually negative interest/publicity. Like the interest the public shows when a celebrity does something egregious or stupid. People love watching things/people crash and burn. That's why reality TV is popular.
I have an i pad2 (but carry unlocked and rooted samsung galaxy nexus so I can 4g tether my ipad2 they consider 3g for free as 4g) but what kills me is how Apple takes the same product and calls it new.....a cool note though is it keeps the same body style for a while....
Its like this if you bought 2011 S550 Mercedes-Benz how many would be off their rocker pissed off if they changed the body style in 2012? Since i have an ipad2 I'm glad they did not change the body.....anybody see it that way?
So the only difference is a better display and a bit more hardware? Was that really worth calling it number 3?

Differences should be instantly noticeable to seperate itself from other models. This was an iPhone 4s type scam...release the same thing with only minor differences and people still buy into it.
Apple is an innovator. Every product they've released is better than any product on the market already. Forget what they named it, it's the next iPad. More features faster and better display and still with better than industry battery life! 
...Can't even see the reason to replace my original iPad. I use it just as much as when I bought it 3 years ago, battery life is great, access to world class applications, it's the best gadget I've ever bought. However, iPad or non-iPad, tablets are "couch computing" at the most, there's the ergonomics issue that hasn't fully been addressed and may never will.
i still dont see what the differnce in them are
how bout you keep your opions to your self
The speakers on the back are obviously different
Apple fans prefer the look of The New iPad almost 50% of the time. 
Lawsuit from Apple in 3...2...1...
Now I want to spend $600 on the old one. Make up my mind Apple since I don't have my own.
Well they became leaders by. creating an excellent product in the iPhone but have stalled since the 3gs but people keep upgrading, hoping for better products based on the inovations of the 3gs. Only upgrade for quality not bragging rights and no one will call you sheep. Does anyone think the 4s is $450 worth of improvements from the 4 or 3s?
Surprised people in poor lighting are unable to tell the difference in screen resolution, at a glance, between two products which otherwise look identical. Not sure what we should take away from this? Come on TNW, you can do better than this.
they're the same thing. government conspiracy
I got 1 and I donated it to goodwill. the same day
blah blah blah everybody's useless chatter. What was the overall result of this field survey? What % of people polled got it right? That is what would be interesting. The video isn't the statistic I am interested in..
lol, funny how the NEW ipad is nothing magical lol.
i hate my bro he broke my ipad2 and it was brand new.i only had it for 3 days. >:(
Exactly hoe many got it correct and who got it wrong tell us
Apple sucks apple blows ahahahahaipad3 hahah
Here; look at two screens that look almost identical and tell us which is newer... Never mind that the newer screen is only noticeable up close on this screen and to notice it properly you have to be looking at text / websites.

Better test; open up the Amazon Kindle app on both and then ask the people which is newer! Then they won't look at something like the screen brightness or fingerprints >.<

If anyone does this test themselves (if you live near an apple store or know someone with an iPad) you'll see how obvious the difference is.

I don't want an iPad; but I was passing by Apple at the weekend and the difference is phenomenal.
I showed my boss my Asus Transformer Prime which he was extremely impressed with. 'But, it's not an iPad' he says. He is far from a consumerist and knows nothing about tech..but for some reason he wants that iPad. People are sheep, who really needs a tablet anyway? The reason I bought a Prime was because it was a perfectly good replacement for a Netbook..with its USB, it's keyboard dock etc.
Apple products, as much as they are nice are also a fashion statement..remember when people used to wear stone washed jeans..a lot of people! Cos that was cool.
I might add:
I have an iPhone 4 (as its the best phone..still)
I have an Transformer Prime (by far the best tablet come Netbook)
I have a Windows PC (for gaming mostly)
If I was to have a laptop I would go for a MacBook.
I like the fact that Apple fan boys are creaming over Samsung made processor and display.
come on, I'm an android guy and I feel that isn't a good test, looking at the icon screens and picking? Bring up a picture or video!
The iPhone4 was never the best smartphone. When 4g is out and you don't have it, it is not the best. When duel cote us out and you don't have it, not the best. Duh duh idiot.
It's funny watching people look for uses for the thing, but I still want one!
See this is the difference between customers and actual tech knowing people. Before I got the iPad 2 I did extensive research on the different tablets and everything. Overall the iPad was actually not as impressive as I have recently thought.from a customer stand point it could really be the best tablet ever with apps games and other stuff. From a researcher stand point it didn't have quad core processor not extendable memory (icloud doesn't count). Not the best camera ever. Android tablets have extendable memory (sd card). The only true thing Apple products have that is somewhat helpful in a way is jail break. But that can cause problems. I jail broke my iPad mainly so it can be a little bit like my Nexus S 4g. But it isn't the same. If you want to be safe and have games with a good tablet then the iPad is a good option. The only reason I went with the iPad is because it can be jail broken and Android was only getting into the tablet world when I was getting my iPad. Now I would easily get an Android tablet.
You can't buy an Apple product without being pressured into buying the rest of their products. And not just a little pressure.
So new name, same device. Smells like bullshit to me!
Well show if you got a iPad 2, not worth it to get a new iPad, well unless you have too much money, if the iPad two was nearly useless or out of date after this short time, then that would be a bad thing for Apple customers, so this just show how both are good then, as nothing is said bad about them, just they look the same ? 
yea... yawn... If anyone wanted one, even Walmart had almost all their stock yesterday, definitely not a sell out item..
surely it is indeed popular on the market
k c.
"upgrade is a downgrade"
Biggest difference is double the resolution but maybe not that easy to tell the difference if not looking at pictures or a HD app running. If you already have an iPad2 don't bother unless you have the cash to burn. If you dont have one then don't even think twice if your in the market for a tablet, iPad is the best. Click here to see the specs side by side
If you can't tell, why should we?
Most folks can't spell (evidence is above). So how do you figure they can tell the difference between iPads? Just wondering.
I just bought a new iPad today but I keep mixing it up with my iMac G3 DV SE 400MHz, as I keep putting that in my bag? I am so dumb !!!!! silly me 
Sorry to say, actually no I'm not sorry to say. I've own both old and new. And yes, you can tell the difference. The only people who hate are those that can not afford it. So they make stupid comments an excuses on why people like me who have it are dumb for buying it. Don't hate, just ask mommy for $600 and you could see for yourself what you been missing. 
There you go, my decision is made - time to buy the iPad2. Good job.
why are we now creing lap tops when we have smate fons
Nav H.
both are useless. waiting a real tablet.
such minor differences not worth the upgrade
money well spent then :-$ ka-ching.....
I'm interested to see what the windows 8 tablets will bring. It really does intrigues me.
Ipad is nothing more than any other tablets... its the name yous all pay. And that's one expensive name.
kind of a difficult challange as they are the same but one has a heftier price tag!
+Anna Milne Except for the whole 4x resolution thing, and vastly improved color reproduction. Oh, and 4g too.
yeah, steve jobs could.................o wait!
Al Seaman, so true. Seriously somebody just puts up a video which just compares the previous one to the new iPad, and then there is a huge uproar, pointless.
So out of 10 or so people 3 got it correct. Crazy!
Who cares? Apple is going nowhere without Steve and tablets are just a recurring nightmare of a fad that fails each decade.
I think I would be able to tell the difference by the screen quality 
hey look my samsung galaxy nexus now has a retina display. If you go by what makes the display on the "new iPad" a Retina display.
Congrats to Apple selling so much though. I will not hate.
Yay another apple product behind the curve. I've used retina displays for years!
That's just sad that apple cannot produce a new product that looks different than the old one.
That was a halarious video i can't believe this was from youtube.
And that's why Apple dropped version numbers. I suspect you'd get similar results for this year's vs last year's MacBook
well. i love streaming a film from my sgs to my samsung tv wirelessly, doing slideshows on it and controling it using my phone. too bad apple can't provide it.
perceived obsolescence at its best
IPad 1 or iPad 2? I'm still waiting for the apple iPad HFO(Hell Freezing Over) with Android...
why are ppl still buying this product
If i were an apple fan i would be pissed. This is an obvious attempt to sucker people out of money.
+Avinash Bakshi its because it is an apple product that is new... apple can sell anything and people will buy it. I'm sure iPoop would sell by the millions :)
+James Barraford anyone would be able to tell the difference if they looked closely or played with it a bit, but to be worth the price it would need to stand out better and it simply doesnt. The ipad 2 is a steal right now and a way better choice.
Sounds about right. If all you do is increase the resolution slightly, few people will notice or care
Wow why so many bitter apple fans? +James Barraford not for anything dude but its hard to believe your story its even true not for the fact that you could tell the difference instantaneously (it took you spend 30 comparing them) but its the fact that the best buy did not have any label for the products OK maybe it didn't and you actually could tell the difference great I'm happy for you, but that everyone else did? What kind of best buy is that? that all the people that go there are tech savvy and don't need a label on the product they are trying out. I mean no label yeah no i don't buy that i really don't they put labels on everything its like you walked in and there was no label on the TVs that were on display it doesn't make any sense you know how many complaint they would get for that ezpecially since people like to complaint about everything. On the other hand funny video but i gotta say i saw some reviews of the new i pad and the screen looks nice i mean its just a video but still, still wouldn't pay for it.
+Mike Cosmi you don't get fanboyness? But yet you speak and comment like a true fan boy just by that you are lying to yourself.
Haha, good for people who got iPad2
Apple pulled a fast one on everybody who bought the iPad 2. How gay.
As someone who has both an Iconia Tab and a new ipad, I have to admit, the screen on new ipad is pretty damn nice
Asus padfone check it out its a pretty sweet product i wonder if apple would find a way to sue the shit out of that product. Btw coming soon.
+VIJAY PATEL I think it is interesting that on your profile you declare your self a "tech expert" yet you are employed my a company with a horrible record for tech support. --- On subject though: Any true computer expert knows that every OS has appeal.. Windows is the best for a few applications, Mac is the best for others, and Linux is best for other applications. No one should get married to a certain system.... like most things in life a true power user must be well rounded.... I find "tech experts" who are stuck to windows to have a rather weak handle on the underlying hardware. In fact most were taught cookie cutter fixes.... just about everyone I know who has a reasonable amount of windows knowledge and has called your employers tech line will tell you that.
+Redwan Huq +Omar Saif people who will view the video and read the comments will form their own opinions and either buy or not buy the new ipad. publicity negative or positive is still publicity. the more times the new ipad is mentioned the more people will hear about it and either get it or not. it's all a numbers game.
IN the meantime ITunes STILL SUCKS ! Is the worst application I have even used in my whole life ! Way worse the the hardware and software of the Apple devices.... SHAME ON APPLE !
I'm going on say one thing from the formal debate I had this last week.

The first few people claimed this was the only iPad they have ever seen. And the video makers are saying there's no difference between the two. Even though the people are comparing something to... Something they don't have.

This is irrelevant study and needs to be revised before it can be called a study.
They're comparing them to each other, not something they have at home. Did you even watch the video?
haha - apple buyers... sheep, don't even know what they're buying
I'd like to see a preliminary test that asks people if they can differentiate SD signal on television versus HD. I know plenty of people who can't even see the difference from DVD to Blu Ray, so this comes as no surprise.
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