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Completely agree. Klout make no logical sense at all.
No. After some days of testing, i've deleted my Klout account. It seems to be worthless and offers no valuable information.
No, I've got an account but don't do anything with it. No real understanding on what it really means, it seems so flawed to me.
Bot....I'm loving playing Empire Avenue :)
Ace E
Nope. Didn't see any value out of it.
No, I don't bother with Klout anymore.  
Measure of social influence? .. or just another way people can stroke their epeens over a meaningless number that represents .. nothing
influence based on what? influence on who? 
No, I don't care about anyone's Klout score...  Although I do check people's Klouchebag score, at least for a good laugh, if nothing else:
still like Klout - so easy and quick to use.
I still use Klout, but not very often... 
I hadn't checked it in a couple of months, but did the other day. Same mid 40's score I've had since I first checked a year ago.
No. I refuse to contribute to that ridiculous circus.
There's no Klout in doing it.
Scary that some HR people check KLOUT scores of people that apply for employment same with some Marketing folks. It's so easy manipulated (I've done it so know) that figured it was just a waste of time. I'm now looking at KRED; maybe just me but they seem a little more up and up if you know what I mean. 
No, it's ridiculous with some of its topic recommendations. I have deliberately not used my accounts for two days and imagine my surprise we my score WENT UP!!
I know my score but don't really care anymore. It has had too many flaws.
I just found it too irregular. We tweet regularly about marketing and web design, but Klout had us influential about the Republican Party and Coffee!!!
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