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Peter Peters
In my experience the WiFi is not the bottleneck. It's the external connection that is not adequate for the number of users. I have been to a number of high-tech conferences and when you examined the problem it was always because the internet link was only 5 Mbps or (at most) 10 Mbps. I was at a conference with 10 Gbps recently and everybody (most with more than 2 devices) worked without any problem including watching the live stream of the conference while they were there.
Like Peter said, the external connection is usually the bottle neck. Most places can afford wifi equipment, but a large structure plus a really good connection costs a lot of money some companies don't have. 
I find it difficult to read articles on the TNW site. with this new design using Mozilla Seamonkey. The content area under-hangs the navigation tab on the left and the vertical scroll bar on the right. Although there is a horizontal scroll bar using the left and right arrow to scroll sideways takes me to previous and next articles instead of scrolling left and right. WTF?

In Firefox, the text is so close to the edges with the navigation tab and scroll bar, I feel like words are covered over but there is no horizontal scroll bar. Your design team need to add at least 6 pixel padding on both sides to make it more comfortable to the reader.
Dan Lee
There is hardly any public WiFi in the UK. Any connection would be good to have! 
+Dan Lee I believe that is not a problem with bandwidth. It's a political problem. When I compare legislation regarding public WiFi the UK is among the worst in respect to respecting providers.
+Michael Sharp That sounds great. I might be persuaded to come and visit Britain again by then.

How about net neutrality in the UK? :)
That's quite the jump lol hope it works and soon :) 
lets hope they actually do that
I assume this will also help with home networks, which is fantastic news in general. I'm getting tired of having to pull out an Ethernet cable just to get full download speeds on my not particularly crowded network
I want to take a part with this group, may i ?
It's the beginning of a new world for sure!
When its actually adopted by the masses I'll "whoo-hoo"...
Nothing new.  802.11AC protocol have been out since May 2012. Some can even do 1Gb/s wirelessly.
Yeah but it's probably like gigabit ethernet. You don't actually have to achieve that speed, just be so fast (400mb I thought) to qualify calling it gigabit...
This is Wifox tech... It is cool its performance increases with more users for eg 25 wifi connections give 400% more performance and 40 connections give 700%... Pretty cool huh? 
I could connect a fire hose to my faucet, but same amount of water will come out the end. Am I right?
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+Shawn Wright You are correct that the speed that claim are theoretical, but Broadcom claim to achieve 1.3Gbps wirelessly.

"The top tier BCM4360 supports the PCIe interface and uses a three-stream implementation, reaching as high as 1.3 Gbps of throughput. The BCM4352 and BCM43526 support PCIe and USB interfaces, respectively, and use a two-stream 802.11ac implementation that can reach up to 867Mbps. Lastly, the BCM43516 chip also supports USB interfaces, but uses a single-stream radio that can reach speeds of up to 433Mbps. By comparison, even multiple-stream 802.11n devices don't typically surpass 300Mbps."

But, like with all technology, to achieve the speed, you have to have match equipment.
Wasn't that long ago that we didn't NEED WiFi. Hey ho
You can't have a faster Internet by improving your end of the connection.
"as high as" is the key statement. I'm happy to see faster speeds of any amount, but I doubt most consumer devices will see anything near that...
just like +Dan Lee said ... there is hardly any public wifi in India as well... any kind of connection would be welcome...
Dan Lee
2 years is too slow to roll out imo, UK is way behind many EMEA countries and the US
Jay Lee
wait.. is it the software protocols that are @ issue here? or the available bandwidth that gets all clogged & overwhelmed??
Jay Lee
Homer watches porn?!?!?
+Jay Lee  It is a combination of both.  As others have mention, if you Internet Connection to the Router is only 5Mbps, it done matter how fast the router can go, the max speed you will get is 5Mbps. Here in my area, we have Time Warner Cable.  Their fastest speed here is old Belkin 54G router is still theoretically faster than my internet connection.
Jay Lee
wow. thx 4 the explanation, Will Johnson. so interesting - and perhaps, sad - how unevenly technology is generated, hunh?? much like the riches & resources of the world in general..!
Adi J
Nice... waiting for this
wow thats great, researchers are finaly doing something useful with their time
Fast WiFi? Sooner the better!!
The NCSU team intends to present its research paper at the ACM CoNEXT 2012 conference held in Nice, France in December

If publishing this in a professional journal is anything like Cancer research, then good luck getting a patent on it.  That is a good thing, because in Cancer research, if it can't be patented, then finding any funding to further the research is nil.  In this case however, the patent whores may be out of luck.  Hopefully those that wrote the code were smart enough to patent it or are willing to release it under some form of the GPL.  I doubt it, but one can always hope.
Now that's what I'm talking about......
What does this mean to my life? How do I except this new reality ? Nothing is the same anymore !
Yeah +Joe Grey my Mate living outside of Kent has to tether to a 3G phone to get ANY internet service.  whadafuq?  Is this 1999?
Call me a doubter, but I'll believe it when I see it.  Public WiFi has been really flaky and slow for years. The problem is that without a clear profit plan, no entity has a motivation to provide the service well. I think most people would gladly pay more for public wifi if they could get a fast, non-flaky connection.
I haven't the time to read the article, my slow internet for a little bit of irony! Does the price go up 700% too?
You guy's!!!!!! Not just for faster PORN.......  SIGH!
Is it wifi booster signals???...
Would it be possible to use one band to receive and the other one to send data?
What is stupid... wait whats that ^^^^^^^
Please read the article and not just the headline.  Wifi speed will not go 700% faster.  It is just saying the new software will help manage heavily used access points to route traffic more efficiently.  For us home users with only a couple devices using wifi you won't see much of a difference.
We here in Africa are eagerly awaiting the speed that comes wit fibre optics. We are so tired of useless 3G connections! 
I hope that someone will be able to boost the Wi-Fi range as well. :-) 
What public wifi? I'm in LA and there's only two public networks I've seen. Everything else is contracted to AT&T.
Seriously? When did software start fixing hardware issues? I had a microwave oven that would make my wireless drop every time it was on how can any software fix something like that?
Software fixes hardware all the time.  See patch!  LOL
My CPU is bad, got a patch for that? LOL
good, better be commercialized soonest.. thanks
Wow technology is moving so fast. I remember dial up a picture took about 5 min to load went for a snack came back and it was almost done it was fine then. Now if a video doesn't load im pissed lol
Hallelujah, Hal-lelu-jah......
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