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Twitter’s most active country is China (where it is blocked) Surprised?
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no no no, you should check Greece, in Greece twitter users are kind of obsessed #notajoke  
I don't suppose Iran would learn anything from this.
Um, per unit population? China, India, and US are the three most populous contries, in that order.
not a surprise since i'm a Chinese with active twitter and G+ accounts (G+ is blocked at the same time)
+Ali Afshar you would think :)  Iran's new plan to "block all the internets!" suggests not everyone has learned it yet though.
well not surprised, I think that the data doesn't reflect properly right now. first a percentage of Twitter users calculated in the actual active internauts of each country, maybe....
does anyone know how to use chinese characters so I could mention our Chinese friend here? :)
+Julia Allen  people who build the GFW have no idea how to hit our head accurately, and through the solutions our IP-add are all fake~
Eeek! it didn't work...LOL! Will try 秋山あきら's suggestion then....
Because there are too many people in China.... If you compare the most active social network in China, I bet twitter is at the bottom, at least after renren, all kinds of weibo.
Hu Lu
Considering the situation of blockage for Twitter in the area of China, it's simply impossible that there're 35.5 millions active Chinese users on Twitter.

I guess there's something wrong with your data or the statistical methods.
+Hu Lu you're right.  It couldn't be that people find ways around firewalls all the time ;)
Some Southeast Asian countries are actually the heaviest users. They just aren't on that chart. 
Hu Lu
Thank you +Jeffrey Hamby :)

Among about 500 millions Chinese netizens, only a few of them have both the wish and the skills to get through the firewalls set by the authority of China. I don't know how many, but it is definitely not 35.5 millions.
I dunno. Out of 1.6BB people, 32MM is a pretty small percentage... Just 2%. That seems like an insignificant number to try to track down. I'd guess it's more likely they try to block IPs instead, which really just means those using proxies would just find another.
It's a joke? No one use it in China,because government not allow it happen.
That's surprising, how come I don't even hv one China friend in Twitter! Ok, 35M, the number is small.
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