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Want to trap your friends inside your phone? Here’s how.
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Haha that's pretty cool!
Now, all I'll need is to find a friend willing to squish their face on a glass door.
This is great! Repeat 650x not so great. :-)
well spelling cool like kewl isnt kool!! duh!!
I love it! And for those friends that need a few days behind bars, take pics with them behind the bars of a balcony banister. Or, for those husbands out there "in the doghouse", time to time share with the pooch...
Lol.....did we need the link? Lol......Ty TNW peace
The internet has once again validated its existence this day.

Odd question that no one has mentioned yet - how do you do this on an Android phone? If I did this, it would only show us as a small square on the screen...
No, we do not approve of 9faggotry on G+. Please take your bullshit elsewhere and an hero.
awesome............. not and by this comment dont think im a hater cuz im not
I tried this with a few of my lady friends against glass shower doors.

I'm not sure if it has worked yet, I post back when my eye swelling has gone down and the doctor has removed my phone
hahahahaha!! Who'd eva Thunk Of That Hahahahaha!! Too Funny =)
Awesome did this with my son!:)
Reminds me of the imprisonment of the baddies in Superman II.
that's an interesting idea........ COOL!!!!!!
who would b stupid enough to think their freind is trapped inside their phone?
I agree with Jason above. WTF!?!

Alright... alright... It does remind me of Superman 2 because others mentioned it. Love Superman.
COOL! I'll do that when I get my phone!

This is Zod. What? Yes, I would like to save 20% on my home insurance. Will it cover all conquered areas?
That's a good one.. will definitely try. :-)
Thats a good idea to be fair may try it! :)
That's smart and weird
That is soooo awesome. I am totally doing that. Lol. Epic. :D
Its not really that amazing.. not like ive ever thought of it, but I'm sure it wasn't hard to come up with... just saying
That's disturbing as all get out.

Good show.
this is the stupidest thing ever
haha that is so lame its awesome!
hilarious! its good for a laugh
I did this 2 my BFF Josie Loren and she actually was like "Is that an app that does that or what?" LOL
I am sooo gonna do that whenever I need a picture of my friend for their contact picture:P
Sara D
That's funny
The right background is key for this to work
Woah...that's rly funny
This is my project for the week.
Please let me out from this iPhone,
And then you post on google plus so we can all laugh. You're better off getting yourself Tebowing for your profile picture.
That is awesome! I need to find celebrities that look like my friends smashed against glass. It would make it all that much more interesting.
Jshqizhaidhiwishsusvaiaab? Soak Sid aka skbdishs sissified skzncvkznc slchdjajd... Skahsjjdi. 
its soo funny.........
lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
sick got to try that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know right i am going to do it to my bff
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