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Chromium? O.o. ...ohhh, I see. Neat! Now if they could fix the two problems that caused me to have to stop using chrome :-(
Sadly G+ runs terribly on Chrome and Chromium in Ubuntu 12.04, at least for me. Scrolling doesn't work, no pg up or down function and the keystrokes don't work.

+John Weir What version are you using? I'm using chromium 23, and it just works fine here. (on kubuntu 12.04 lts) .. 
I'm using chrome dev (bleeding edge) on Ubuntu 12.04, and it works fine. Yes, it's a memory pig, but I have lots, so who cares?
I have problems with Chrome too :'(  two major problems that's caused me to have to switch to firefox.  The first is google docs spreadsheets; when I click the 'sheets' at the bottom, the menu opens up DOWNWARDS! (in other words I can't see or click on the menu) >.<  the second problem is with how chrome works with extensions and toolbars!! This one irritates the ever living @$#% out of me.  I use swagbucks and their toolbar, but the 'toolbar' isn't actually a toolbar.  It's injected into the rendered webpage portion!  This causes it to load SLOWLY and the worst part?  It doesn't show up when I first open google chrome!!  I have to go to a freaking website before I can even use it!  I've had to go back to firefox and I don't like it as much as chrome, but it's actually working properly :\
Most Chrome problems are relate to GPU drivers, especially with ATI.
Should I install chrome in ubuntu or use chromium?
why in the world would they be related to GPU drivers?  What is chrome doing?  And at the very least, I know the toolbar problem has nothing to do with GPU.  It looks like it's "by design" but it's a horrible idea (google doesn't have too many horrible ideas, but they do pop up every now and then)
+Steve Thomas, I almost cant' believe what I just read.  EVERYTHING should be as memory efficient as possible.  I don't care if you have 512 Gigs of ram, why would you use it if it's not needed?  Efficiency...E-@$#%ING-FFICIENCY!
Chromium accelerates rendering with your GPU. As far as toolbars are concerned, they made the right choice by not supporting any kind of native toolbar. Or maybe I just have too many bad memories of 15 toolbars in IE. Maybe you should complain to the developer of the "toolbar" for not making a normal Chromium extension?
Install Chrome stable via terminal to avoid problems!
I suspect I might be able to do something with it now.
+John Meise While this is a great point, it's pointless. It is memory efficient if you consider how much IS going on. I run Google+, Gmail, A Webmin instance, 2 different Jenkins CI's, and Google Reader ALL THE TIME. That's just what I KEEP open. I use Ubuntu 12.04 on a Chromebox. 4GB Ram. It uses on average 140MB ram. With a ton of stuff going on. That includes a few other pages I use but close sometimes. :P
+Alexander Esselink Thanks I'll try changing my version. I also intend to dual boot Bodhi and give that a try. 
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