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That and the stealing calendar thing...
Oh well, "password2" then...
Does this security hole exists only on iOS LinkedIn app version, or also on Android ?
Something to keep in mind: Passwords with a mixture of numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters are always harder to crack!
I knew there was a reason I was ignoring linked in requests besides potential HIPAA violations...
They never said if password issue was app or in general!
+Dammon Lore there was an Apple App issue, of the app sending unencrypted corporate data to linked in, it is uncertain if this is linked to that!
Thanks.  Just changed it!
Just changed mine. Let's hope I wasn't affected.
this is awful.  Someone might change my resume and get me a job I'm not qualified for.......
+Ian Pickering okay! That is so much funnier than the previous jokes! You do know criminals don't do that right?
that's the most optimistic thought. Good one... 
a cambiar contraseñas jovenes!!!!
BTW, I'm always looking for a job I'm no qualified for.  Why would I want a job I can already do? ;)
One more reason not to use linked in.
What? LinkedIn is great; its like facebook, but for grown-ups
minh la cao van thoa que o nghe an co ai cung que voi minh ko nhi
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